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What should I call my non-profit organization?1Are anna2012-10-25 17:52:00
I'm thinking about starting a nonprofit organization sometime this year. I'm getting my degree in psychology at the end of this semester and my dream is to create a foundation for those suffering from stress disorder post- traumatic. I have discovered some of the details but I'm lost in a good name for him . I know you would like the motto is " Only we fall, Together we can cure" , but I'm not sure what the name of the organization . I was thinking something like " survivors States " , but then I thought someone might get confused with the American Cancer Society . What if I were to have " Trauma Survivors States" or " One day at a time" or " PTSD survivors States." something . I am very open to suggestions ! MedlinePlus Also, I want to start the creation of a website with frequently asked questions ( such as data on PTSD ) , a little about me section ( I was diagnosed with PTSD 3 years ago , but have made ​​great progress in healing , so I think it would help people know someone who really knows what they are feeling and going ) , a blog , and above all , a chat room for people to go to (which would momnitoring at certain times of day) and have a sort of online group therapy . If anyone has any ideas on web servers that support these needs or a website where I can get the code ( copy and paste into the design of my website to appear when someone visits the site ) to the chat rooms and paypal ( for collect donations to give foundations related to PTSD ) , and other things . any suggestions that you think would help me very much appreciated! MedlinePlus and please keep any bad or insulting comments to yourself . this is my dream and my passion and I am very committed to this.
How to start a non-profit organization aimed at helping low-income students with learning problems?3Rosy2017-12-21 05:32:34
How I can do this ? I would like to offer free school supplies , free resources for low-income students who suffer from learning disabilities and mental illness . Do I have to be rich or have a PhD in psychology to do this ? I am a recent college graduate , and I've been wanting to do this forever .
Where can i find a non-profit job in L.A?0mole2012-11-01 20:25:50
interested in innovation; dealign with homeless, with ex-offenders, or people who want to adjust their lives. Have implemented holisitc life-skills program in 3 other countries, have MA and BA, but only Associates in Psychology, although much experience in counseling and program planning. Am in progress of acheiving PhD in Clincial Psychology. Posess great written and verbal skills.
Any non-profit sponsors for H1b visa?1A~2012-10-12 22:01:02
I am from South Africa and went to the U.S. this summer to work in a field with a J1 visa . I have really wanted to get back to work ( and study my Masters in a year ) , but I can not find a sponsor H1B visa . I have a four year degree in Psychology and a PGCE ( Education ) , and the equivalent of six months of experience . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone suggest a non-profit company to sponsor me as a mental health worker or counselor ? Thank you.
How do I get a job in the social service/non-profit field?1helpme2012-11-06 05:14:02
I want a job in the field of social services / non-profit . Work can be babysitter , counselor , supervisor at night , or the assistant ? ? ? I expect a pay cut from my current job , but the only thing I care about is that you pay at least $ 10/hr , 40hrs a week and offers benefits . I have a degree , but not in psychology , social work or so I have plans to go back to school in a year or two . I have no related work experience. I have volunteer experience with seniors , youth, children , the homeless and people with the disease . I've looked in newspapers and online. I sent resumes to 11 different places . Only a few have responded . Except for one to say that I have no experience or education . Where to look for work ? What I say in my CL , resume or interview show I really want this job , and I can jump etc. Can fields without education or work experience ?
What education do I need to open a non-profit psychological clinic?0mackenzzie2012-11-04 19:21:50
Do I need a phd in psychology or will a masters be suitable?
The income of industrial/ organization for psychology?0Jiovanni2012-11-05 18:59:15
i am studying psychology in college and i'm planing to get a masters degree in industrial/ organizational psychology. How much annually does someone in this profession usually make?
What is the current research in brainstorming thought organization?2Lucy King2017-11-30 05:36:50
I am looking for references to current research in cognitive psychology on what are effective methods that people use to organize ideas developed through brainstorming to arrive at conclusions and solutions to problems. I'm interested in a "meta " view as to how people cognitively represent information that begins disorganized (ie , in the form of random thoughts ) and use these representations to organize thoughts, determine what is important , and draw conclusions .
Is a masters in industrial/organization psychology worth it?0kaylarae2012-10-26 02:39:09
I'm trying to decide what to get my bachelors degree in. accounting and information technology are good options for payment and demand , but I'm more interested in learning about the people and ideas that things . I'm not sure if I should major in accounting , computer science, or psychology . Not to be a psychologist , because I do not want my patients stalking me and my girlfriend and stuff like crazy. So I'd like to do psychology I / O , rather than counseling. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm more concerned about payment and demand , and I wonder if I'll have to get a PhD to be relevant . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want a career with a good salary and demand could safely raise a family and have some money left over for my interests and good causes .
What are the educational requirements to work for the World Health Organization?0 country girls. -2012-11-04 06:10:03
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I currently completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Health Studies . MedlinePlus My ultimate goal is to work for the World Health Organization or any other international body like the United Nations or other organizations. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not exactly sure of all the different types of positions within these companies , but in the end I would like to work for one of them . MedlinePlus I've been doing a little research , but have trouble finding the educational needs to work for these companies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just need a little help , thanks ! :)
What does a research analyst in the Organization division of McKinsey make with a PhD?0ritu2012-11-05 05:08:35
I have a PhD in Organizational Psychology and am interested in working in the Organizational Analytics group at McKinsey as a Research Analyst. I am just curious what the pay is. Thanks. -JP
Is my 1st. semester in College and I have a question about student clubs and organization?0Porsha2012-10-13 11:39:04
Hi! I just started attending my community college. My major is psychology and I would join some student clubs . There is one that interests me, that is the Psychology Club . My question is what are the benefits of joining student clubs ? How can you help me in the future ? And what do you need to join this club?

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