Is it better to create a large android first or start out small?

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So I would like to create an android ( female robot ) in the future. Would it be better to make a small prototype or invest in ' real '? No I have that much extra money and I am currently going to college to ' Robotics / Mechatronics " so I can jump on a life-size robot and learn from my mistakes , or start small and build a coke bottle sized one. Establish aside from being in college Robotics .. I also studied books about robots and I 'm teaching everything from software engineering / programming , electronics / electrical circuits , mathematics , physics , psychology , sociology , controls engine ... etc! ( I have a 30 GB library on my terrabyte external drive dedicated to nothing but books about robotics PDF ) ... and all the patience , ambition , inspiration and perseverance to last me decades ... So what do you think is the best approach ... go big or go home ... or prototypes evolution ... ? ? ?
Answer1itzaAnswered at 2012-10-05 08:40:59
Larger ideas do not become reality without risk . Therefore , simply weigh the risks and determine what you can afford to lose then you have your answer
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