What are the societal consequences to popular cultures' love of muscle?

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Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This has been bothering me for some time. I seem to be particularly aware of this and now I'd love a real debate. What I think is that when ordinary people on a massive scale to develop muscle worship often posing as "keeping fit", etc., 'self', then, reflects the insecurities amazing and troubling development socially and psychologically. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Too often I hear of muscle men, for example, that his dad beat them like a child, which of course I have compassion, but not a good solution for the individual or for society to build muscle deep in the body, which is as much of intimidation "that will never happen again." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And another thing I like about it is selling magazines with stupidity like this, "and comes close to summer time, and the boys wore shirts again, so time to work these" weapons "to show under her shirt to impress the ladies.'ve read that while looking through some popular men's magazine ', eager to speculate on its contents ridiculous. Nobody else can see how amazing it is stupid? dont know where to start with that . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My conclusion is, I think this development, outside of times when it is particularly suited to sport or maybe the army, then a social love of building muscles and body to become an important part the modern appeal is merely a reflection of mass insecurity and madness, because they do not realize what that reveals psychologically. And if I make one comment plaintive: I'm disappointed. I'm a young guy, and when I look at older men support model and see which are full of insecurities and lack of values ​​or even common sense, I see you're not smarter than me, and means I have to continue to carve my own path in life, disrupting follow-the-sheep-crazy as I can see. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I ask this: (standing in sociology and psychology) what are the social implications of this type of development in our world, and what they really reveal psychologically? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Ps. case there argumentative or intellectual types anti-stalking, I'm sure it would be easy for me to label a confused misfit, social, no popularity or attractiveness, but not me, I have fear!)
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Well , one of the consequences is good health . Caring about your appearance and health is a sign of respect for themselves . Sure there will be some that are not safe , but there is also a percentage of people who really care about their health and people do it to attract a mate . I think a condescending tone in his argument by stating that people who exercise and care about their appearance are stupid also its " follow the sheep madness " argument implies that you honestly believe it is somehow better and smarter than most when people really just have different values. In most mammalian species the ability to protect and dominate are desirable in the mating ritual . I personally prefer to mate with females attractive and am willing to go the extra mile to achieve it. In North America the obesity rate is much higher than in any other geographic location and heart disease is the number one murderer of Americans refute his theory that most of the Americas Society is obsessed with muscle . My question is, do you realize what your injury argument about his own psyche and insecurity ? In all areas of life , there will be people insecure library , gym or church. People often become addicted to the endorphins released in the body is good and healthy exercise natural for people to find reasons to justify their habits and rituals . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I challenge you to try at life from the other side of the fence and follow an exercise program and healthy diet for 6 weeks, as I'm sure you will feel healthier and more energetic .
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