Psychology dissertation topic dealing with old school teaching vs. progressive? related questions

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Psychology dissertation topic dealing with old school teaching vs. progressive?1DaLoris2012-10-11 15:47:02
Possible Ph.D. thesis topic focuses on why the old school ( military type school ) has better results in the progressive student performance than traditional schools . MedlinePlus Who has 12 years of experience teaching high-risk , high school students imprisoned , my students show a higher rate of pass rate and student achievement that emerges from his earlier work traditional course . I'd like to find a related topic where I can demonstrate that education has to return to the proven methods of teaching. Another possibility might be to compare / contrast our progressive educational system that Finland . Suggestions ?
Help with an undergraduate psychology dissertation topic?0Nathan Bickerstaff2012-10-27 02:50:38
Hello MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I enter my third year of a psychology course in September and have to have a thesis topic ready for when I return , I have general interest in forensic psychology , and abnormal clinical and was thinking of a way to combine the best of both of these issues . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, when I suggested this to my supervisor who believes that such a study would require a longer time scale than we have available . So I started thinking about forensic psychology and criminal , in particular, / offender profiles , but am unsure how to conduct research in this area because of the ethics surrounding it and I'm also sure what to look for in regarding it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help would be great! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Am doing my third year in psychology and i need a dissertation topic! please help?3Jasona2017-12-27 02:37:23
am still looking for a dissertation topic and would preferably investigate in educational psychology. maybe about cognitive development and learning. thx.
Advice on a psychology dissertation topic?0charnelle2012-11-05 06:06:02
I , soon, the need to decide on a reasonable thesis topic ( for a doctorate in psychology ) . It can be qualitative or quantitative . I 've narrowed it down to three areas . I would like to study something about women in the military and how they have experienced PTSD / sexual harassment , body modifications and body dysmorphic disorder and lately something related to music . I was thinking of something like the mood effects like music , but I have no idea how to study it. Any suggestions / tips / advice from the three areas I would like to study . Please serious answers only - not drag ! Some fellow students or psychologists who have gone through this process would be helpful.
Paper topic for school psychology class?0emer2012-10-26 10:24:09
I'm taking a class on multicultural issues for my school psychology program . We have to write an article on any topic at all related to multiculturalism , but I can not seem to think of a good and interesting . Does anyone have any idea? All ideas are welcome!
How can I combine composition/rhetoric and school psychology for a thesis topic?0Tiffany T2012-10-16 21:01:15
I am doing my masters in composition and rhetoric and would like to get my PhD in either psychology or school psychology education . Ideally, I would like to combine these two topics for my thesis, but I'm having a hard time brainstorming . Any suggestions ? I was thinking maybe something about the learning styles of the students , but that's all I have so far.
Jobs dealing with psychology?0marelyn2012-10-12 23:25:13
I am very interested in psychology , but I know there are not many jobs available with only a bachelor's degree and the jobs available with this degree are grossly underpaid . Obviously I'm not in this for the money but doing 80-90000 's what I'm looking for . im not afraid to go and get a masters or PhD after my degree but im just wondering what some interesting works are not commonly talk because I've done some research and know more than the average. the main part of psychology that interests me is what makes people act the way they do , why they react as they do, and it's things like dreams and subconscious . and if people have work experience or masters and doctoral programs would also be interested to know how they work. please help me out here . thank you!
Senior project dealing with interior design or psychology?0Annabel2012-10-23 02:22:28
I have looked around online at a lot of issues and they all just seem boring or too complicated. I want to go to school to become a therapist . I've also always been interested in interior design . Any suggestions ?
Which fits me better: school psychology, clinical child, or teaching?1Pakkinee2012-10-23 17:27:03
From my near-death experience, which was not, I wanted to change majors to something that will help people. My interest was old child clinical psychology, school psychology but is interesting because it is a school that I like. Teaching has also crossed my mind, because I think there can be more inspiring. I have three quarters to find out until I transfer. Hoping to be able to judge what could be better based on these criteria? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Teaching: MedlinePlus The good: I have a desire to inspire kids I mentor 4-6th grade in the past and enjoyed it, so I think it would be good with that group. I'm a good listener, and the quiet type. I have several issues. MedlinePlus The bad: stuttering in certain sounds, and feel they might interfere. I am a man, and I mention it because I do not remember having a teacher when K -6. Do despised or something? I have 29 years now, also making me wonder if it will be short lived for 15-20 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Clinical child psychologist: MedlinePlus The good: I have a strong desire to help. I believe that through my experience of mentoring at-risk children know what they are spending more and understand some of its troubles I've worked. MedlinePlus The bad: My name is Phil, resulting in "The Other Dr. Phil". Moreover, education is longer, but the theme is nice. Slightly less inspirating worried the other person. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus School Psychologist: MedlinePlus The good: I have worked with children with ADHD, so I like the idea of ​​working with children through evaluations and assessments to help them through difficult areas of learning. Again, I like the school environment. Summer vacation is always good for a specialty area in psychology. MedlinePlus The bad: I stutter again, so I wonder if the communication to parents or teachers may make me sound like I'm less certain or uncertain. I found some techniques that I'm doing well.
Any ideas for my Psychology Dissertation?0slim stud2012-10-14 04:34:49
I 'm in a doctoral program in clinical psychology and will have to start working on my thesis , however , I have not the slightest idea of ​​how to form ! I'm trying to do my thesis on something related to forensic psychology and developmental disabilities / special needs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are some ways to combine the two of those? Theses specific ideas are appreciated , thanks !
Ideas for psychology dissertation?2hamid2012-10-25 02:11:03
I'm looking forward to do a PhD in Clinical Psychology next year . All ideas related to this area of psychology ?
Hey Guys , MedlinePlus I need help with my thesis in psychology , I know I want to do something with cognition and have reduced cognitive dissonance . But I do not know what my question reserach will ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been watching a program on young offenders and would not mind doing something in this regard either. I do not know why, though! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PLEASE HELP ! !

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