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Hello , MedlinePlus I'm looking to go to school for Physchology . I want to be a therapist in a rehabilitation center or a school counselor . Does anyone know which job pays better and if you have to take two degrees sepreate due to their different fields . Also, if anyone has any experience in these areas . Thank you !
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When you say that a therapist in a rehabilitation center , I assume you mean an ad Alcohol drug rehabilitation center . Substance abuse counseling has become a particular specialty and there seems to be a lot of work in that area . First, let me say that to become a therapist or counsleor requires a bachelor's degree , at least a master's degree . The easiest way to pursue both avenues is pursuing a Master of Social Work and become a licensed clinical social worker and find a specialty in substance abuse . An RSU can find work at schools and rehabilitation centers , but both are actually different specialties . Psychologists can continue to work with children and substance abuse , but are less likely to be hired and working in schools requires a degree in a different field , Educational Psychology . Schols and some states, you can be licensed as both a clinical psychologist with an Ed.D. , but some places do not take into account an Ed.D be a full clinical psychologist can work in substance abuse . This can be difficult . Moreover , few places actually hire psychologists because they would have to pay more .
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