Based on this (short!) essay, if you were a scholarship essay reader, would you give me a grant? related questions

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Based on this (short!) essay, if you were a scholarship essay reader, would you give me a grant?3lu lu2018-07-24 05:05:52
Oh, and any ideas for a good title? Thanks in advance for your reading, not very long. MedlinePlus -------------------- MedlinePlus I was supposed to answer the questions: MedlinePlus one. Why are you applying for this scholarship? MedlinePlus b. What accomplishments make him deserving of financial assistance? MedlinePlus c. What are your career goals? MedlinePlus ------------ MedlinePlus Ok here it is: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My dream is to be an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist who specializes in children with autism. Autistic children can be some of the sweetest kids you never know, but unfortunately, its true capabilities are usually buried under the disease, so they need therapy to help unleash their potential. I chose to pursue this career not for salary or because autism is the fastest growing disability in development in the United States, but for a more personal reason: I have three cousins ​​with autism. MedlinePlus I spent the summer of 2007 working as a nanny for two of them, trying to raise money for college. It was very interesting to see how their lives changed by autism that next summer, I found a job at an ABA therapy for autistic children. I loved it and gave me a desperately needed financial opportunity, the beginning of my third year in college (fall 2009) is when my parents will withdraw all financial support from me and fully expected to live on my own. MedlinePlus I am currently a sophomore in the second semester, majoring in Psychology with hopes of eventually becoming an ABA therapist. In the little time I have left, while I'm still financially secure, I am looking for the most effective ways to earn money as possible, I have to be able to pay for school while still having enough money to live on half of come fall. In order to be able to secure scholarships, I turn my attention almost exclusively to my notes and doing well in my classes - and is certainly paying off: last semester I gained an average of 3.93 and a member the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society. MedlinePlus I am still very concerned, however, because if it is I have to choose between buying food or finish college, I will have no choice but to leave school. I'm working hard to earn money as possible, but I need all the help they can financially, or who may have to make the painful decision to leave school (and essentially my dream job) so I can afford the necessities Basic. If I can finish school, I can not find work as ABA therapist, and bring hope to many autistic children as possible, not only my cousin, but all of them. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ------------- MedlinePlus Thank you very much for reading this!
Was I short and to the point with my '250 or less' essay?1shandell2012-10-11 12:11:03
• Describe your educational career and life goals . Explain your plan to achieve these goals . Include your degree / major , why they selected , and how this degree / major will help you achieve your goals . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One of my English teachers told me I had to be brief and to the point with my essay , but there is something I 'm not sure , do not feel you are ready . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Choosing a College Alamo was an easy decision , with the right mindset and proper preparation and habits on a daily basis , I can achieve my goal of getting my associate and move to a university to pursue a degree. I chose psychology as my major , for many reasons , one of the main reasons is that I love learning how the human mind works . I love knowing that most of the things we try in life if we are successful or not fixed within our own minds . I know through the psychology that I can learn more about my own personality mindset and how I teach something new every day . We control our own destiny , which links to my goal of just being happy. I want to be happy when I look back on my life and be happy for me is to eventually become somebody and be proud of myself .
Was I short and to the point with my '250 or less' essay?1lenni2012-10-03 07:50:04
• Describe your educational career and life goals . Explain your plan to achieve these goals . Include your degree / major , why they selected , and how this degree / major will help you achieve your goals . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One of my English teachers told me I had to be brief and to the point with my essay , but there is something I 'm not sure , do not feel you are ready . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Choosing a College Alamo was an easy decision , with the right mindset and proper preparation and habits on a daily basis , I can achieve my goal of getting my associate and move to a university to pursue a degree. I chose psychology as my major , for many reasons , one of the main reasons is that I love learning how the human mind works . I love knowing that most of the things we try in life if we are successful or not fixed within our own minds . I know through the psychology that I can learn more about my own personality mindset and how I teach something new every day . We control our own destiny , which links to my goal of just being happy. I want to be happy when I look back on my life and be happy for me is to eventually become somebody and be proud of myself .
Please Proof-Read my short essay?0cbarnett2012-10-22 14:08:59
I'm not good at grammar or punctuation so please proof read this. I would greatly appreciate it! MedlinePlus I have not written the end, however, any advice on how I should write would be greatly appreciated too! MedlinePlus :) here is my short essay: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Music Therapist MedlinePlus The race that interested me was the music therapy because I love all kinds of music and I have the desire to help people. I like the fact that music has the power to help people in need. Unlike traditional therapy, music therapy can be prescribed to anyone. It can help people, young and old, and people with disabilities. Even patients who are deaf can attend music therapy. What really surprised me was that a woman who gives birth to three children took no painkillers, but listened to music for pain relief MedlinePlus. The duty of a music therapist is to maintain mental health, emotional and spiritual support to the patient. They determine what to do based on the patient's medical history and talking with family members to get a good idea of ​​what to do to help the patient. Each patient likes and reacts to different types of music. The therapist also allows the patient to play a musical instrument with music. Holding the instrument correctly is considered a big step and success. They also allow some patients to create their own music. For someone to become a music therapist must have a bachelor's degree. Some courses recommended for someone looking to become a music therapist include music theory, psychology and human development. The salary of a music therapist hovers around $ 39,930 a year. The average salary hourly earnings of $ 19.20. The picture is rather stable labor in 2008 was about 23,280. Employment statistics say that the rate of growth of music therapists from 2008-2018 will a14.60% growth rate. Some public schools in North Carolina, as Swansboro High School offers courses related to music therapy and music theory and AP psychology. There are three schools of music theory in North Carolina that are East Carolina University, Appalachian State University and Queens University of Charlotte. Appalachian State University is the largest music school of therapy in North Carolina. In 2009, 13 students graduated with a music therapy degree ASU. There are an estimated 450 music therapists currently working in North Carolina.
Please comment on this short essay. 10 points will be given to the best answer!?2Poppy2012-10-05 21:57:04
Please comment short essay for a summer research program. I will vote for the best comment, though all comments are welcome! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is the message: SROP aims to create access to education for students with diverse experiences and perspectives. Please describe your personal and academic goals. What is your motivation for seeking a research experience? SROP How can help you move towards your goals? Tell us about extracurricular activities for the recognition of their achievements. Limit your response to 250 words. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bicultural am a woman, I see two different worlds. I was a mentor for a program that helped freshmen from historically underrepresented background to suit the academic and cultural life in my university. I'm currently making the first chapter of a Latino-oriented fraternity in my college campus. Now, I want to do some research on stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, eyewitness testimony of children and healthy eating behaviors among Latinos. I remember the feeling of ecstasy I experienced when learning how social psychology experiments, helps us to understand the complexity of these issues. This caused my goal to become an experimental social psychologist to do these investigations. Finding the motivation to achieve my career goal, I set mini-goals and achieving them. For example, I took an independent study class to improve my writing skills after my psychology advisor informed me that my poor writing skills may prevent me from going to college and become an experimental psychologist. I am currently doing an internship now, in collaboration with the research of Professor Greenley in promoting adherence among children with chronic illnesses. Now, I have the intention to participate in the SROP program, another milestone for my career. The SROP program help me to continue doing what I do: get experience in research about my research interests, become a better candidate for college, and essentially become an experimental social psychologist.
In what essay format would you write an Astronomy observational study essay? MLA? APA? Chicago? etc.?3manisha2017-05-02 00:07:37
I have to write an essay for my course in observational astronomy. Basically what we're seeing is the night sky ( movement of the moon , the brightness of the stars and planets colors ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have never before written an observational study . Is there a specific format / style to write this in ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be MLA is typically English and Humanities papers and APA for psychology and social science papers . Then there's Chicago / Turabian . I also found " CSE " , which is for the life sciences and other . AIP Physics and is (not sure if it is strictly just magazines though .. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I emailed my instructor (i do school through distance education ) and told me that the format is not really a problem as long as I am consistent when it comes to dating . Normally there would be much citation made ​​in an observational study , but I am also using a computer program ( its free -ware , so no CD ) , which helps with finding objects in the night sky I can not see the outside myself. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I guess the main question here is , that style has information on citing appointment software that are not on the CD . I searched high and low across the Internet and I feel like im running in circles and can not find a concrete answer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh , and does the formatting title pages also matter ? MedlinePlus lol MedlinePlus thanks for any help anyone can give!
Can you correct my comparative essay .like grammar...and give comment too.?3Louse.T2017-08-21 03:42:59
people who in english major or good in english ..please help ----Changes in Body Weight: Freshman 15 Today, many freshman students don’t know how to handle their eating habit and physical activity in a right way due to the new environment. Why have people always said freshman 15. Is this just a myth or truth? Some research shows that freshman students are lacking of physical exercised and eating three meals at a buffet-style dinning hall caused them weight change. Did students concern about their health from gaining weight? Gaining weight might appear minor for body in a short term, but it can cause serious health problems in a long term. In order to avoid those problems students must eat balance and do amounts of exercise to stay with a healthy lifestyle through all four years of college. The two study reports “The “freshman 5” A Meta- Analysis of Weight Gain in the Freshman Year of College” authors Rachel Vella-Zarb and Frank J. Elgar and the “Change in Body Weight and Fat Mass of Men and Woman in the First Year of College-Study of the “Freshman 15” authors Daniel J. Hoffman, Peggy Policastro, Virginia Quick, and Soo-Kyung Lee , argues that it is important to identify the exact causes behind weight gain changes and know how to devise appropriate prevention strategies to the students. Although both articles have collect good data about what are the factor effect student being overweight, Vella-Zarb did a better job by giving stronger details from a wide-ranging of year study with 3401 students, establishing Hoffman’s articles are weaker with only 67 students in the study. One of the weight gain problem issue “The “freshman 5” A Meta- Analysis of Weight Gain in the Freshman Year of College,” Rachel A. Vella-Zarb , MA of psychology department, and Frank J. Elgar, PhD of psychology department at Carleton University. Vella-Zarb and Elgar cite their research from twenty-four studies that published in the year between January 1985 and April 2008 to support the conflict of freshman weight gain and the prevention strategies (Vella-Zarb &Elgar 163). The article examined several factors that associated with weight gain: low physical activity levels throughout the year, high junk food consumption, recent dieting, evening snacking, and a combination of dietary restraint and living in residences (Vella-Zarb &Elgar 164).Through the investigation, Vella-Zard and Elgar concluded that greater understanding of freshman weight gain could lead to prevention of this weight gain and thus a decreases in overweight and obesity among young adults (Vella-Zard &Elgar166).In particular, Valla-Zard and Elgar comments, “college health care providers should design weight gain prevention programs for first year students” meaning that programs should require for students to attend and give skills to prevent from weight gain, such as stress and lifestyle habits that can cause the factors of gaining weight instead of telling them started to eat less (Vella-Zard &Elgar 165).College should give a right message for students to balance their intake and exercised, buffet-style is all you can eat, but also mean need to moderate balance energy intake and expenditure in body weight, otherwise many student will end up with gaining weight unless they get greater understanding how to stay with a healthy life. The other article entitled Change in Body Weight and Fat Mass of Men and Woman in the First Year of College-Study of the “Freshman 15”detail by Daniel J. Hoffman, Peggy Policastro, Virginia Quick, and Soo-Kyung Lee, faculties in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick. They examine weight change from focus on a sample of freshman, who attending the State University of New Jersey. The method they used to determine the weight change is not powerful enough and it is harder to believe those facts only from 64 students .Therefore, the result of the study finding that students didn’t pay much attention in their intake and outtake during a new environment, which cause them weight keep increasing. Hoffman concluded that “students recognize that weight changes seemingly minor and perhaps even harmless changes in eating or exercise behavior may result in large changes in weight over an extended period of time” (Homan43). In particular, Hoffman states, “For those students who experience weight gain over the period we studied, if their energy balance is not controlled, they could placing at risk for obesity and chronic diseases later in life” (Hoffman 45) which mean take controlled of what they eat is important for the solution. Overall, both journal articles have credible issues about the reasons of weight gain, because the information proves that is coming from valid experiments, which make the reader more believable. Both studies also provides similar claim for their supporting reason to prevent weight gain among students entering college is great and it is impor
Does this essay fit in with this essay question?2reindeer2018-02-09 03:29:04
Describe the unique qualities that attract specific school or grade school (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan. How that curriculum support your interests? (500 words maximum) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wrote a similar response at the University of Illinois, but want to make sure it makes sense before I just use the same assay. I am applying to school Kinesiology Michigan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Question of Illinois was: In an essay of 300 words or less, describe how your circumstances and past experiences (eg, your education, community and / or activities) impacted who you are, your future goals, and your choice of commander. If you have not decided on a college or even higher, briefly explain your intentions and aspirations for your first year in Illinois. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I grew up on the west side of Chicago, near Humboldt Park. I'm too fat. I have an addiction to drugs like cocaine and caffeine as extreme as soft. My left leg is paralyzed. My mother is mute. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a teenage girl baldness. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been shot three times. I broke my ribs in the second degree; fractured my skull first. I have dyslexia. When I'm nervous, shaking violently. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know my cultural background. I have no father. My younger brother was recruited into a gang. My sister has herpes twelve years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Actually, I was raised in a small suburb forty minutes outside of downtown Chicago and later moved to a thriving city twenty minutes from downtown. I'm in good shape, because of my passion for long distance running. Yes, in fact, has a minor addiction to coffee. My left shoulder sits higher than my right. My mother says that, every day, to clean my room. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have voluptuous, thick, curly hair. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Disregard the doctor and have been "shot" on many occasions. I've never broken a bone. I won the spelling bee in eighth grade. When I'm nervous, I clench my toes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can eat hummus and pita bread. My father runs his own company and I admire him. My nine brothers disturbances year old through the house with a blue lightsaber. My twelve year old sister still believes in lice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Although I have lived a relatively fortunate, most do not. I do not consider myself superior to those without. Do not make fun of those who do not. Rather, I want to help. So far, I have not decided what I am going to focus my education, but I do know that I want to study a health science. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whether psychology, pharmacy or physical therapy, I help people. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I wrote the essay for U of I makes sense to send to the University of Michigan as well? If not, what could change or add? Or should I write a completely new trial?
Could you please proofread these two short paragraphs for my scholarship application?1Famous 52012-11-06 02:26:02
If anything seems out of place, or even something small I could add that would be greatly appreciated! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why is the completion of a postsecondary program important to you, and what you hope to accomplish once you get a degree? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "My name is ---, I have 18 years, almost a sophomore in college (one credit away!) And I have the intention to specialize in one of the social sciences.'m Going to choose between social work or psychology . I want to help people and give back to those in less fortunate situations in this world for college was an obvious choice and end, so I could get my degree. But the reality of well-paid work outside the school is rarer than rare, especially in the races that I would go. know that if not attended school, was to end in a good place at all, so I enrolled in college also. knew also if not pursue to acquire a degree, life would be hard. No school work to support enough to live a full life. Fulfillment for me means being happy and the means to live comfortably, aspects that are very important to Me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently came across an interesting quote that stuck in my mind. I do not remember word for word, but it sounded something like: "It's no coincidence when you want to enter a field of aid, such as a psychologist or social worker. This person has a life time of pain and endured anxiety, and this is the time to turn the world and help others who have encountered pain and anguish also. "He hit and stayed with me because it sounds very true. I grew up in an alcoholic home and because of my experiences I would like to help other people and families as well, who have been in difficult situations, thus my quest to give back to others and the community. There have been many difficult times in my life, but this scholarship would keep me on the right path to achieve my academic dreams of becoming a social worker or psychologist. '
Help with my essay please.?0college2012-10-25 06:08:02
This is a test for my internship application. I am having great difficulty in answering the question. Can you please comment on the content of it? Is there something I've left out? How I can improve? Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please provide a personal statement / academic explains: MedlinePlus • Their academic experiences to date, their plan for postgraduate training, and career goals as final scientific MedlinePlus social / behavioral • Your specific area of ​​interest for research and graduate studies and how the IRS can help you achieve your educational and career goals MedlinePlus • The specific knowledge and skills that you would like to participate in the SRI MedlinePlus In addition, each applicant must integrate a response to the following question in your personal statement MedlinePlus • How will contribute to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in academia or in the social and behavioral sciences through your career? Encouraged to add MedlinePlus • Specific research topics of interest to you and how they relate to research potential bsos participating teacher. MedlinePlus I get a liberal arts education at Lake Forest College to acquire basic skills, such as writing, reading and analysis is needed to do the research laboratory to help minorities. Lake Forest College students apply to get a comprehensive education through general education requirements. By taking a variety of classes to meet these requirements, acquire basic skills, such as writing courses that require a lot of writing that I can incorporate these skills to do what I want to do. MedlinePlus I hope to become informed about the process to follow and attend graduate school. There is a lack of number of minorities has gone to graduate school. Therefore, it is crucial for me to learn about the process to follow and attend graduate school. I can do to learn about the process of going to college for further participation in the mentor program Lake Forest College. The mentoring program pairs students with a student who can help with the needs of the students. My mentor is a behavior analyst, she has been helping me to provide advice on how to overcome my barrier, what steps will take, and always encouraging me in what I do. Having a relationship with my teacher and keep in touch with the Career Center of the University are also other ways that can help me gain knowledge about the process to follow and attend graduate school. At college, they can become an academic role model minorities. MedlinePlus He ultimately wants to become a psychology researcher laboratory to conduct students about stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. In particular, I want to focus on how and why they exist and how they affect minorities, as their participation in the academy. Being a minority has made me see how stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination affect participation in the academic world or the social and behavioral sciences. For example, discrimination between the neighborhoods of Chicago has an effect on how minorities are involved in their education. Neighborhoods consisting largely minority schools have limited curriculum and not necessarily less challenging education emphasizing both. Therefore, minorities lack courage or knowledge to participate in academia or in the social and behavioral sciences. Being a research lab allows me to test research hypotheses, such as the effect of discrimination in the area of ​​participation of minorities in academia. MedlinePlus I am interested in studying the specific field of social psychology research and graduate schools to see how situational factors can affect stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice that exist. It is important to know why these three issues there to help solve the potential problem of how they affect the participation of minorities in academia. It could be possible that situational factors affect the three elements. Therefore, the research interest of Professor Stagnor to see why the development and stereotypes develop and how they influence those affected by it are what I like to study. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SRI helps me achieve my educational and career goals of becoming a research laboratory for the opportunity to acquire certain skills and knowledge, and methodological skills. The four objectives of the program are designed to give students the skills and knowledge important. For example, I would be able to acquire methodological skills that I use in my future works, as my thesis or my works during my career.
Could someone give me some careers ideas based on my criteria, please ?1shae2012-10-13 09:59:03
Hello, Last June I graduated from high school. Because I do not know exactly what I want to do, I am attending community college (hopefully) only a semester or a year. I have ideas of things I want to do / be interested, but do not know what kind of work / job name that incorporates these things. Of course I would like to enjoy a relatively high income, but that's not as important to me as how happy I actually want to be doing what I do. I am very flexible and open minded about more jobs, which do not have to have everything I want, obviously, haha. Please be serious. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone can help me with a couple job titles and how they could start / what kind of classes to take, etc.. I would be very grateful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - I am interested in abnormal psychology, and I'm thinking about possibly entering the field of medicine, but MedlinePlus - I like to travel to different countries (especially Europe), and have always wanted to attend college in another country and eventually find the place that I like and live there MedlinePlus. - I've been learning German at school since I was 11, but have always been exposed to it. I always want to learn many other languages ​​(Polish, etc. French, Finnish) - I would not mind company / communications, however, do not think I'm made to / be able to handle the business world. MedlinePlus -. Fine Arts / Music has always been one of my interests MedlinePlus I know none of them are really like or something, and maybe some kind of sound "crazy", but those are just my main interests. Like I said, I'm very flexible for different answers and stuff, as long as you're serious. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm pretty laid back person, but I will work hard if I like what I'm doing. I just I can not understand what I like and want to do yet. I hope someone can help me. Thank you!
What do you think about this part of my essay?0kneon2012-10-23 18:12:34
Most applicants Pa educational programs already have a bachelor's degree . Admission requirements vary , but most programs require two years of college and some work experience in the field of health care . Students should take courses in biology , English , chemistry , mathematics , psychology and social sciences . Most medical assistants have previous experience as nurses , physical therapists, EMTs and paramedics . PA education includes classroom instruction in biochemistry , pathology , human anatomy , physiology , microbiology , clinical pharmacology , clinical medicine , geriatric care and home healthcare , disease prevention, and medical ethics . Students may obtain supervised clinical training in several areas , including family medicine , internal medicine, surgery , prenatal care and gynecology , geriatrics , emergency medicine , psychiatry and pediatrics . This training will help advance those in this field . MedlinePlus The salary in this field , of course , changes with the amount of training and experience you have. The average first year is 56,000 per year , the average base rate is 65,000 . MedlinePlus This occupation requires a person who has a desire to serve patients , who are self - motivated and have a good bed side manner . Medical assistants must also be emotionally stable , and have the ability to make decisions in emergency situations . Medical assistants must be willing to study throughout their career to keep up with medical advances that are taking place every day .

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