How to switch from psychology to writing?

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I got my degree in psychology and romance languages ​​and am now in my second year of a doctoral program in psychology . I hate it . I really miss being able to write differently than the strict form you have to write for scientific journals . I want a career writing something more intensive , such as creative writing , journalism , or perhaps teaching middle school or high . I have a few examples of scientific writing , but published nothing . I have a lot of writing on the analysis of literature and cinema of the university ( in English , French and Spanish ) and in high school I took creative writing classes and wrote for the school newspaper . But that's it . How I can get out of my misery and something that will be much more enjoyable ?
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One way is to continue with his doctorate , and then take a writing course , either in class continuation adults in the community where the university is located in a place or in a nearby community . There may be writing free courses in your community or you may have to pay for them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The other way is to start writing on their own outside . Start writing for a local newspaper , a community newspaper , or join a club of writers in the local community . Write stories , or shopping in the local community . write letters to the editor of a local newspaper , do freelance writing and submit them to the editors of teen magazines , adult or magazines , writing books for children and getting an illustrator to help with the images of his books .
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