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How to switch from psychology to writing?1handrielle2012-10-13 01:31:02
I got my degree in psychology and romance languages ​​and am now in my second year of a doctoral program in psychology . I hate it . I really miss being able to write differently than the strict form you have to write for scientific journals . I want a career writing something more intensive , such as creative writing , journalism , or perhaps teaching middle school or high . I have a few examples of scientific writing , but published nothing . I have a lot of writing on the analysis of literature and cinema of the university ( in English , French and Spanish ) and in high school I took creative writing classes and wrote for the school newspaper . But that's it . How I can get out of my misery and something that will be much more enjoyable ?
Should i switch from psychology to neurology?2sweetie2012-11-02 17:59:04
I'm frustrated .. Im going to be 23 in a month .. and I have 3 semesters away from obtaining a degree in psychology only w / a minor in sociology . I'm frustrated bcuz now I 'm going to change my mind and thought of psychology as a psuedoscience MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but now I'm thinking I should have majored in biology w / a focus on neurology and then go to medical school ... to become a neurologist . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do ya'll think?
Should I switch my major to psychology?2Jill Hefner2012-10-16 09:36:04
I love psychology. Jobs and careers it has to offer really interest me. I love the idea of ​​becoming a counselor. I love helping people and want them to realize their full potential ..... MedlinePlus But the thing is, I messed up a lot in college. I started with a different major (nursing). Yes, I know what you're thinking, I'm crazy about switching. But you have to understand that just because they wanted to be accepted into the nursing program (too strict in my school). And I do not want to bother with something that may never happen, much less waste my time if I did not even want to. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I did not follow my passion at first as I should have. I knew I always wanted to be a school counselor or something, but never went through that. Now I am already a junior in college. I'm majoring in biology since my first major nursing did not work because it does not 'be accepted and it was too hard for me. Although I did very well in my classes (I have many grades of A and B), it just was not good enough. I hated that. But I know that deep down, I do not want to be a nurse. I do not want to go though and not bother with it anymore again. I just made for workplace safety ... Okay, okay, so I'm not gonna lie, but nurses do some good $ $ $ .... and making it easier to get a job in other fields. (However, I doubt that it is true or would have chosen more people to participate in the program. I mean I have a GPA of 3.3 and still could not gain acceptance!) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe things happen for a reason? that's what I was thinking. You may have been the reason it was not accepted. and maybe that was to help me realize what I like and find my true passion. I love to have a job where I like and are not afraid to go to work every day. I chose biology because most of my nursing classes are similar and could have / transfer again. But I feel like I'm making another mistake, and I hate the laboratories. Not that I do not like biology itself is jut not so fun and a lot of work and as nursing, is a challenge. But I chose it again for how I can not take much time to finish school, plus I like science. I do not know if it's worth because I do not like the work in biology. Like I hate labs and would like to work in that kind of research. I'd rather do something else that I can apply my work. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So it's still a good idea for me to switch back? From biology to psychology? MedlinePlus I hate to be changing my main :/ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sometimes I feel like what I'm doing is wrong because there is no jobs out there for as many psychology. But I will not end up doing something for the rest of my life where I have to stress every day about hate. I just do not want to mess with the university more than I have since I really need to finish and I know I have to make up my mind! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please NO rude or insulting answers. If you are not going to bother taking the time to read this or answer, then do not bother. I am seriously asking for help. Thank you.
How realistic is it to switch from a psychology BS to Economics?2joy judd2016-07-13 23:30:15
Im about to graduate with a degree in Psychology with a 3.5 GPA . I want to get a masters degree in economics at a good school . I know there are many other good schools , but my question is what is the feasibility of that I can change the psychology degree to enter a master's program in economics ?
Should I switch my major from chemistry to psychology?0Marranda2012-10-07 22:07:04
I will be a college freshman at UCSD , and I signed up to be a chemistry major , but I'm guessing that the second decision . I would go to medschool and become a dermatologist in the future , and I was wondering if switching to psychology would be a good idea?
Should I switch to majoring in business from Psychology?0ajo2012-10-13 03:35:13
Currently , I am a junior psychology major. Luckily , I would be able to change my field without much time / money lost . Originally , I wanted to be a psychologist , but I will not go to school for years to make money just mediocre for the time you put in. I enjoy business and I would do so much good for me . However, my dilemma is whether I can use my psychology degree to enter a career in business , which then lead me to graduate a year earlier, or switch to Business and graduate when I'm supposed to . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for all the answers and I'll respond / update this as they come in.
How to switch tracks from Biomedical Sciences to Psychology?0Angelia2012-10-23 15:14:11
I recently received my Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Physiology and am currently a post -doc in the laboratory of Molecular Biology . I was not satisfied with this type of research as a PhD student , but continued to postdoc because that is the accepted way . I do not care that I'm doing research , but I'm very interested in child development . I would ask questions such as "How can a child acquire language ? , And " How can a preschooler learn to read ? I'd like to ask about human learning that could be applied to the field of education . These are the kinds of questions that " ticking me ! " MedlinePlus Unfortunately, I 'm afraid I have myself locked into "hard - science " research . The field of psychology is very competitive as there are many psychologists with a degree who can not find a job. How I can change tracks now to psychology ?
Is it possible to switch from psychology to a financial area of work?2Hazel2018-10-14 19:17:33
I'm currently in the last year of my bachelors degree in psychology and have known for a long time that i would like to switch out of this area for my career. Is it possible to switch to a financial area of study in postgraduate, such as accountancy. So mostly wondering if it is possible, and what areas it would be possible to go into. Also if it is not possible or very difficult, is there any other ways that could be suggested to help get into finance. anything else you need to know please ask. cheers
Can I Switch Fields With My Psychology Master's Degree?3Nancy2012-10-14 19:58:04
I will be getting a Masters in Psychology soon (also I have a BA Psy ) . Despite the title , I'm strongly considering leaving the field . I am interested in continuing my education in a different field . However, the idea of getting another B.A. It's a little intimidating . I wondered if it would be possible to apply for the master program psychology not without a degree in that field ? I'm thinking particularly about the history or American studies , but other social sciences too many possibilities . And if possible , what fields could enter ?
I need career advice? I want to switch out of psychology.. but what do I get into? please brainstorm with me!?0Roman2012-10-15 11:07:30
Thanks for clicking on my question ! first of all I am a woman of 20 years old. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus when I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher .. MedlinePlus but I realized that you do not pay and I hate voice lessons ! MedlinePlus im usually a shy person too , I get very shy easily! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I took a psychology class and fell in love with her! and took my basics and just got in my 3rd year of college [ freshman ] to start my degree . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus everyone tells me that not a psychologist , but it never entered my head until my friend told me that his father had told him to change his mind , and that my home is a happy home , and I really no " BIG " issues as the use and abuse of drugs or anything like that . MedlinePlus and when I find these things that will amaze and finally , I will not be able to hold more and ill be sad inside. MedlinePlus I see that happening because I always take things personally and I keep thinking about them .. especially sad things . MedlinePlus I was going to go into social work, but I lasted two days during SW and left me ! lol I can not do that ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not know what to change ? I like the math .. I wanted to be a math teacher .. but they do not get paid ! I do not like public speaking classes ! MedlinePlus lol i hatee biology ! physical is fine because it has to do with math .. chemistry is okk .. MedlinePlus I love to draw ? i draw very well .. angineering suggested but I do not know .. I do not know what that was going into accountinggg ... but that's a boring job ! MedlinePlus anyyyy if you have ideas please share ?
Should I stick with computer science or switch to clinical psychology?0marisa2012-10-26 04:53:39
I'm afraid you 'll probably get a midlife crisis average life in the future and do something silly for feeling unfulfilled boredom as a command cubicle with a computer science degree .
If i became a neuropsycologist would i be able to switch to clinical psychology without going back to school?0Jeury2012-11-04 02:28:02
I want to become a neuropsychologist , but I wonder if in the future I would like to be able to change to clinical psychology . Is it possible or I need more education ?

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