Will joining and committing to ROTC in college help me land the CIA career job I want? related questions

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Will joining and committing to ROTC in college help me land the CIA career job I want?2Dun2012-10-22 02:03:03
I want to be a psychological analyst for the CIA . MedlinePlus I will change over Computer Science in Psychology and minor in government. My college does not offer much , but MedlinePlus good. I want to attend graduate school too. MedlinePlus I also plan to learn as much Korean as possible . We speak Chinese ( Can not write or read ) . MedlinePlus Hope intelligence training while registered in the program . MedlinePlus I'm quite confused as it must be the first in my family probably never to join the army . MedlinePlus ? I can be in the CIA while serving my contract or you'll be next?
I am thinking about joining Air force ROTC but I don't know what to expect?0Rora2012-10-15 04:37:56
I will be a sophomore next year and wants to join ROTC . I'm nervous because I'm not sure what to expect . What kind of training are you going to spend ? How is your work picked up after graduation? How does it feel to be an officer again ? What would a job closely related to psychology without having to get my Masters right away?
Seeking advice for decision making in joining the military throught ROTC?0veena2012-10-27 13:55:27
I'm a military school jr high at the time . I'm thinking of going to college and then graduate in psychology either working to become a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon . I am told that the military suits me best in this dream ( because they will pay for my studies and I will have job security ) , but I 'm not so sure. I heard that after graduation they can not even be eligible to enter the medical field as a function of the needs of the service. I was also told that I would need to do three conditions before it can think about medical school . I would greatly appreciate any advice and all you have in this area mainly because I'm completely lost and everyone keeps telling me to join regardless. Thank you for your help.
What's the ROTC army program,what are the advantages, disadvantages,benefits?(commun… college,then ROTC?1ennifer2012-10-11 00:25:02
I have 17 years of age. He lives in the Bay Area ( San Francisco ) . And I do not know what to do after high school. I want to join the army and paid my school , but at the same time do not want to spend my 19 and 20 in the army . I've heard there's a ROTC program that only go once a month and two weeks every summer and when finished to serve again ? 8 years in order to have a college education four years . Am I right ? I really do not want to spend eight years in the Army after graduating with a good degree . By the way I want my psychology major. ( Psychoanalyst ) . MedlinePlus So what if I go to a community college and then go to a community college (probably SF ) and get my 2 years of contributions with ROTC . Is that possible ? If so , what are some of the benefits , the disadvantages of this? How many years would have to do after finishing my years of education . 4? Besides, I do not want to risk my life , I want to return to life . I'm pretty good with computers , so you have to include branches that I do not risk my life . ? What are the advantages and disadvantages after completing the ROTC program ? Is it easy to get into the ROTC program ? Right now I'm in the last year of HS and have a 2.5 GPA and am a fairly average student . No big deal, but not bad . You know. Oh, and I'll get paid after completing 4 or 8 years ( ROTC ) after im done with college? Or is it going to be paying me back ? and what are some of the future benefits of ROTC ( suppose after its done with college; ? , and after completing four years in the army ) Thanks for your help . Appreciate it.
What kind of career can I land if I major in Psychology and Nursing?1Xeraan2012-10-11 16:26:02
First, how many years does it take in college to become a psychologist , who works at a clinic adloescents help young people with their problems . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How many years does it take to become a registered nurse ? Do you specialize in nursing to become an RN ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So say I wanted to do both , what i could land work using both majors ? Is it necessary to have both majors ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also want to Minot in Music . ( I love playing the show) is minoring in Music get me an extra job in a band ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How does one go about getting a job in a proffesional band ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
21 with a B.A in Psych and thinking about joining the Air Force. Career Options?1Cilla2012-11-04 14:44:02
I've been thinking about joining the Air Force. I did some AF ROTC in high school for some time . I will end my B.A. in Psychology this year and I'm not sure what he would do in the military because I have no real interest in the plans / Logistics / security ... so I'm not sure if it is the right decision for me . What other career options are available to me within the military with a degree in psychology ? Specifically , the Air Force . I am interested in obtaining a master's degree at some point ... but I think I would do something more before jumping to graduate school first.
Will a 4 year degree in Marketing land me a reliable job after college?2Blayke2012-10-26 04:01:02
I've always been interested in things like demographics and psychology of what makes someone want to buy something , but being in my mid 20's now with a girlfriend and her son, who can not afford to dive into a degree not really going to help me secure a decent $ 30k + / year job that I can rely on once you have finished. Then once you have obtained a degree in Marketing , will my degree is a requirement for any position that I have or I will be constantly competing against people who have no title for my job ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard many people say that the degree is shit and not worth much , and almost does not look good on a resume. These things I have heard from people online that say they have the degree ... so I'm not really sure. I'm really scared to get the title and then not find work .
Can i do ROTC in college if?0Rolis2012-10-15 18:37:41
If accepted for five years combined bachelor / psychology program at a university teacher ( assuming you have all ROTC programs ) ? i really want to do ROTC but I'd be honored if I was accepted into this program in my school choice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
Going to college.. ROTC and Reserve/Guard?1Adri2012-10-20 11:09:57
I'm trying to go to college , but I can not afford. I'm thinking about joining the ROTC to help pay for school. Basically , I would get a degree and become an officer out of college ... and continue my studies and I am on active duty . I do not understand some things , though , as I've heard different answers to these questions ... First, I'm very interested in psychology . I understand that the military may not have much use for that, and I heard that you have to get a degree in something that the army wants to become an officer. If this is true , would it be less able to get a major in psychology and specialize in what they need ? I am also considering joining the Reserve / Guard while attending college / ROTC , as I have heard that the school will pay even more and give me income / benefits while in school . I would be worried about being deployed to the middle school , however , is there any way to be sure not be deployed until after I finish my education? I understand that a recruiter will be useful for much of this information , but some do not want to deal with one right now , as they are very aggressive and tend to distort the facts / information to sell to join. Any help / experiences appreciated! Serious answers only.
Would it be smarter to enlist? I cannot afford for college, I am in ROTC?0Denim2012-11-02 15:40:02
I go to college and I'm in the Air Force ROTC . I know you will not get the scholarship . My average was also terrible this term ( my first term at university ) . So now that reduces the probability of being an officer. Maybe they need a break from college , since only graduated high school in June. I can not afford college . I have no work and neither does my mother . I have no father. Only my brother and sister work. Our house is being foreclosed and got our car removed. We are on food stamps . I did get some grants , scholarships and loans , but still not enough . Now I'm thinking I should just enlist. Do you really want $ 70,000 in loans ? I 'm majoring in Psychology and plan to be in compliance with the law .
I'm thinking about joining the Peace Corps after college?0E2012-11-02 17:03:41
I eventually want to become a clinical psychologist. That requires either a Masters or PsyD/PhD in Psych. Do I need at least a master to participate in the Peace Corps? What kind of degree do you need to be in the Peace Corps? Could I do something in the Psychology if I joined the Peace Corps?
Does ROTC give a graduate college application an advantage over others?0long2012-10-05 08:09:49
I've been thinking a lot lately in college and have been waiting to become an Army officer through the ROTC program at a university . I've also been wanting to get a degree in psychology and trying to get into graduate school for a PhD in Psychology . So basically , if I got good grades in my undergraduate career and graduate school would require , would be in the military for four years as an ROTC scholarship require give me a competitive advantage over others applying ?

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