What is the best journal of Neuroscience and/or Cognitive Psychology to subscribe to? related questions

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What is the best journal of Neuroscience and/or Cognitive Psychology to subscribe to?4Nema2017-05-02 00:08:04
Ideally something available in electronic text . What do you think is better and why ?
Discuss the significance of cognitive neuroscience for cognitive psychology?1is this right!!!2012-10-25 16:34:02
I am writing this article and need help . " Discuss the importance of cognitive neuroscience cognitive psychology to describe the relationship between cognition and brain . " I just want ideas to know if I am in the right direction :) thankyouu !
What are the differences between Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology?0K.C2012-11-05 17:49:05
What exactly is the difference between neuroscience and cognitive psychology?1Jason L2012-10-20 21:31:02
Maybe I'm an idiot , but I can not seem to understand . Is it more of a methodological difference , or that neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists study things really different ? ( I'm talking specifically about the study of brain functions such as memory , perception, etc. . I realize also that neuroscientists study nervous system as a whole ) If a neurologist and a psychologist is interested in memory, example , they would to study distinct aspects of it or just going to go about it differently ?
How is cognitive psychology related to neuroscience?2amanda.jade2012-10-05 04:11:04
What is cognitive psychology related to neuroscience ?
What is the difference between cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology?0cant figure this out :(2012-10-16 07:45:37
During the last week or so I've been touring colleges and universities than any other . I am very interested in the brain and how its chemical structure makes people act . In the lists I've seen racing cognitive science , neuroscience and psychology available . What is the difference between them ?
What's the difference between psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science?1carrie smith2012-10-10 00:42:02
Can you tell me what is the difference between psychology , neuroscience and cognitive science ? And what each field focuses on ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Only answer if u have learned in college please.
Advice: What are some good books to dive into neuroscience / cognitive psychology?0kylah2012-11-05 16:08:02
A side question before you read: If I were to be accepted to Queens (Kingston) and McGill (Montreal) and Western (London) which would be the best to pursue my studies? I was wondering what some must have books would be for someone headed to their first year of university with a very eager attitude towards the anatomy and theory behind thought, memory, and the brain in general.... Something thats not a overly simplified 'made for the masses' but also something i could at least get the grasp of with a self-taught understanding of the aforementioned subjects.
I wanna major in cognitive neuroscience?0Ebone2012-10-07 12:34:23
I found this important , and I have really wanted to get it. I really like what you have to offer . But increased only offered at the graduate level , and I 'm still a college student . I am very confused about what I want to specialize in as a student . I've narrowed down the choices to psychology , cognitive science , physiology and neurobiology . The largest are the closest thing offered at my university . I'm good with the science and think about getting a BS in one of those races . Help me choose , any suggestions ?
What can I do with a double major in Cognitive Science and Neuroscience?0Elsie2012-11-04 03:53:25
Im interested in many things-,philosophy, psychology, neuroscience,chemistry,that I'm finding it very hard to narrow down a carreer plan. Any thoughts on what I can do or what I should double major?
Chances of getting into a neuroscience/cognitive science program?0Fitzgeral2012-10-25 22:27:36
In about a year , I will apply to multiple neurscience / cognitive science programs around Texas , and a couple of other states. Programs that are requested are medium to high range in terms of quality . Here are some details about me: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GPA : 3.4 to 3.5 ( this is what the chances are that before applying ) MedlinePlus Major: Psychology MedlinePlus Minor: Biology MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Work experience: 1. ) Supplemental Instruction Leader at UTSA for the second-level course of Cognitive Psychology . August 2012 - ? . 2) Sales Associate at Petco , from April 2012 to July 2012 . 3). Shift Manager at McDonalds , 2009-2011. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additionally , a personal tutor for multiple psychology courses , including statistics , Social Psychology , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Research : . A research assistant at UTSA Neurobiology Laboratory , August 2012 ( . Shall meet with the director of the laboratory in brief about this position ) The laboratory focuses on the hippocampal formation and psychophysics , and other aspects of information MedlinePlus synaptically stored MedlinePlus So what do you think are my chances ? What do you think I can do to improve my chances ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Master in Cognitive Neuroscience (or related areas) in New York?0Yeya2012-10-02 08:25:03
I come from an undergraduate degree in Cognitive Psychology . MedlinePlus I would like to know which universities in New York I could find a teacher of this class and they are the best . MedlinePlus Thank you !

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