Enlisting in the Navy with a Master's degree?

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Can anyone tell me terrible things about being an officer so you can feel better about this? The official recruiters I've talked to tell me right now waiting to go to OCS is at least two years if you are accepted . They also told me that there is only an acceptance rate of 20% for anyone without an engineering degree . I do not want to wait two years. I feel that I would have a better chance to go official once they 've been in the front trying civil . You can also take advantage of the program student loan repayment. Does anyone have thoughts on this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My Master's degree in Psychology is however , I am not licensed to practice something so join the medical staff is not an option at this time either. I have a 87 on the ASVAB and am looking at a rate of ET / FC .. are there other good guys should consider? Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Next to the Marina has become very important to me and I have said repeatedly that I have to make my experience as I want . I am prepared to do that , I need help to get through this stigma of enrolling with advanced ...

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