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What is a good side job to pursue for one who wants to become a writer?1Accounting Buff2012-10-21 18:40:03
I am a junior in college , majoring in psychology . Now I know it was a stupid choice , and I want to change my major to English or to find a different theme to the major that I will get a job . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wonder what would be a good job that does not require too much of a detour from where I am right now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for something that can (1) give me a reasonable chance of finding a job , and (2 ) give me enough money to live in a cheap apartment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Is there a good combination drug for depression and the other medication's side effects?0christen2012-10-17 01:02:51
I was prescribed 50 mg a day of sertraline (an antidepressant) medication by my doctor as starter for major depressive episodes (I'm going to start going to a therapist over time it will probably change my medication if he / she decides to stay with me at all). I started taking them a few weeks ago, and my doctor told me that all effects build up in my system and start to really help at this point, but the side effects are difficult to work. About a week and a half, I started craving pain, not exactly suicidal, but my body was saying and pushes me to feel any pain at all. To calm the anxieties, to close the rubber bands on their wrists, which usually works, but is becoming less and less effective. MedlinePlus To give you a little glimpse of what was happening, before I was on medication, I lost interest in everything, including taking care of myself. Mood was always very low and the focus was nonexistent. I could not look people in the face, and I was miserable all the time, especially when I thought about what a sh * tty person for feeling this way was when I had an incredible life. Being sick with the idea myself led me to tears almost every hour. Now, my mood has gone up, but usually falls asleep, but my focus and interest are even lower. I still find it hard to motivate myself to do something besides watch TV. Still I'm more just looking to move blurs and thought to pay attention to everything that is happening outside of my head. MedlinePlus I have taken Adderall (not prescribed for me, which I know is not a good idea, so do not need to be told that) when I made my work (I'm a sophomore in high school with a lot of obligations, I signed up), which seems to give me the push to get to work, and helped me really care about things that normally only put aside and try to ignore. I know that's what the product is intended to do, but it really helped me get back on track with a normal life. I can concentrate on things more, and instead of getting frustrated and start to hate me for not understanding something, I'm determined to achieve in any way. I also took him when feelings of depression worsened, but I was afraid of taking Sertraline another, not wanting to run the risk of overdose. MedlinePlus I did some research, and "Strattera" is something that is supposed to help with depression and related behaviors or symptoms of ADHD. I know I've thrown a lot of information to readers, and many of them probably do not need, but not really know what would help you (if you can) give me advice. MedlinePlus I guess my main question in all this is there a drug that acts as an anti-depressant, and instead of just "numb" negative feelings, helps restore interest in life? So I guess a combination of a neuro-stimulant and an antidepressant? Thank you very much for reading this, and any advice would help. Thank you!
What fun city in CA is good for a psych/art major, musician, and writer to live in affordably that has culture0Motsatsi2012-11-06 02:18:44
My friend and I are artists, musicians, and writers. Yes, we are all three. We are soulful creative free spirits looking for a niche in California, but we aren't loaded with money. By the time we move, my buddy will have a BA in Communications and I will have an Associates in Psychology &Art. We like coffeehouses, rock shows, art and music of course, film, broadway, yoga, pilates, martial arts, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, friendly open minded people, holistic wellbeing, poetry, metaphysics, philosophy, intellectuals, culture, and hippie gatherings. We feel claustrophobic in small towns. Any ideas? We need a place with character, culture, and integrity. I also would like to find a nice school to study art that also has good psychology, philosophy, science, sociology, literature, writing, English, and music programs.
What is the down side and up side of being a beautician?3KEYONNA2012-10-04 13:44:02
I'm thinking of changing careers because I heard Donald Trump one day in a commericial . He said that to make a career in something you have a passion and gitfted and you will succeed . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Hair style I've always known , but never really looked into it as a career. I would pay my own tuition . The pay is not bad and the hours are flexible. I have a flexible work schedule for my son . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was also looking into psychology , but do not have the financies pay for a graduate degree and I have a hard time with GRE , GMA , etc. Most online schools are not accrediated and I would not be able to apply for a state license. Tthat is why I'm trying to move in another direction .
Does anyone know of any good colleges in NYC for someone who wants to pursue this?0Chamberlain2012-10-12 09:54:37
Does anyone know of any good colleges in New York for someone who wants to pursue a future in criminology , forensics , and / or psychology after graduating from high school?
Should You Go to College to Become a Writer?0Lilith2012-10-26 00:34:43
I know you do not have to, and anyone with the skills can be published if they 've written a book quite well . Although you have to go to college ? I know I should , but I just do not think college is for me . I fight as much in all subjects other than English and elective classes , I mean I 'm not English magician , but I do pretty well . I've always strongly disliked school, and since I spent two hours on my right and my math homework. I just want to graduate and finish school, because it is very difficult for me to stay motivated and put all the effort in all subjects. Besides not taken the required classes for college when I was a freshman , so if I wanted to go I would have to take math and science classes at a community college first, and that makes the sound even more horrendous . I really do not want to go to college , there are only a few classes I really want to have ( all of which I think will help my writing ) . English , creative writing , philosophy , psychology and perhaps MedlinePlus I can say ? Very fast, all my life I've done what I think is best for myself (eg homework, you do not really want , but you do it anyway because you know you should) , and increasingly I find it so incredibly unhappy. I keep wondering when the play ends and pleasure begins , I'm sick of doing what I will get better when you make me so happy . MedlinePlus Should I go to college if I am serious about becoming a writer ? You can only take classes as mentioned above ( not college ) ? Any advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you very much
Am I a suckish writer?0dirty red2012-10-27 20:46:32
Most likely you will not want to read this, but if you do, please give me some advice. MedlinePlus The prospect of this type is that it is very apathetic, and thinks a lot. About everything. MedlinePlus (It is incomplete.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There are simple things of this world that I do not experience enough. They are the only things that really satisfy me yet. Of course, the desire of the unknown is a common feature of humanity. Embrace me what I have to join these beings. But when told that way, it seems inhumane. I have no reason to be presumtious myself. I can not assume. That's one of the many rules to live. MedlinePlus Shoes for walking through the surfaces. It's a sound that calms my mind. My suit is not based on appearance, but other qualities. Silk ties. I slide my fingers wide, while the interpretation of other daily issues. The smell of the neck of a woman. Do not wake me up, but it takes me to happiness. I think lust, petty human emotion. That said, I think most of them meaningless. But I'm not saying I'm not cursed by these emotions. And I think that makes me human. MedlinePlus Now, walking down a street in New York. I control my thoughts, and hear the bustle. Of the women, apparently shouting to the heavens. (Blue tooth, a technological advance that I'm not a fan.) And the car beeps aggravation. I escape to the jungle of the city by entering a building. My building. Ambrose Institute of Sociology and Psychology. I do not treat people who "need help." I learn from them. And to keep learning, enter specific information and discuss how to interpret the information. There have been slight variations between cases. It is mostly nostalgia. I do not like looking at the past. Instead, I want to be in the future. To see the changes. One of the simple pleasures other is evolution. Perhaps, for some, it seems more complex. But really, it's just move on. As the paint. The more you practice, the more artistic sets. In this case, the practice is wisdom. MedlinePlus I approach the reception. I welcome the secretary, Jane. MedlinePlus "Oh, good morning, Dr. Ambrose." She smiled. His eyes did too. Through the hiding shell thick glasses. It seemed the only happy to see me every day. I never liked her. She greets me in the same way everyday.The only thing I like about it is wearing a different colored ribbon in her hair every day. MedlinePlus My feet continue to the elevator, which seems to be crowded. People trying to help other people. That's why I work here. They think they can make a difference. At least, it's fun to watch them try. MedlinePlus I walk into my office to see a patient who is uncomfortable in a chair in my living room. He looked young and ignorant. MedlinePlus "How are you?'m Dr. Ambrose. Now, how I can help?" Spoke charismatically. MedlinePlus She sank into her chair in response and gave me a foul look. MedlinePlus "How long will I be in?" She asked bluntly. MedlinePlus "As long as I need you.", I said. Obviously, saying that will not get much done today with this. As in most cases a first visit or two. I saw her chewing on his jaw, but had not yet seen a gum or food of any kind. I do not usually take any patient who needs help. I usually choose the files that interests me. "So what do you want to talk?" I honestly do not have much else to do besides get your mind straight and walked out the door. MedlinePlus "My mom and dad, they think I'm crazy." She paused, waiting to see my response to the word "crazy". I remained silent and sat opposite her. "I want to have children." She paused, trying to gather misinterpretations fun. But, do not assume. MedlinePlus "To what extent and under what conditions?" Actually, this was the first patient I've had who knew practically nothing. Other than it looked 19, dressed as if not a mere formality, as the school, and strongly disagree with the view of their parents. The body language, tone of dress and tell a lot about a person. But those thoughts again assumptions. The assumptions seem to be skillfully combined with the knowledge in my mind. So for me to think about those things, I just say I do not know, I guess. MedlinePlus "Uh, is not uncommon. Boys just want to maybe four or five." She was sat very awkwardly. She was on the edge of his chair, with his legs in opposite directions. She did not seem to want more opinions. MedlinePlus "Well, childbirth is not the first step to adulthood. You need to have a great responsibility. Do you have a soul mate of some kind?" I tend to say things they do not believe in. MedlinePlus "Not exactly. But I have four kids who are willing to have sex with me. Without a condom." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, that last part is rather rare.
Medical writer?0abby a.2012-10-20 11:52:02
I want to know if there r any vocational training courses for medical writers in India , I am pursuing Ph.D. clinical psychologists in clinical psychology last year and are interested in medical writing , but do not know how to do ?
Is majoring in psychology a good idea to pursue? Do they get paid well?1AYANNA2012-10-25 22:58:03
I always wanted to be some sort of engineer until I actually got to college and changed my mind . So I ended up going to a community college instead of a four-year school that accepted me , because I was undecided on my major declared . Psychology interests me and I want to earn a master's and a doctorate in the same . I heard that psychology students do not earn good money , even with a Phd. What paying jobs can be had with a degree in psychology ?
Is it a good decision to pursue a degree in Childhood education?0Goomar2012-10-22 20:19:50
I am a college student in New York , New York ... And I want to be a school psychologist , but first I have to get my Masters . So I was thinking in the specialty in early childhood education ( grades 1-6 ) . I like children and want to work with them ... But with the economy fluctuating think it's a good idea to get my first degree in early childhood education because they would graduate in two years more and then I'll go to college to get my masters in school psychologist .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking major in psychology and education .. ( I'm majoring in Psychology ) ...... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please , I really need some advice and I welcome your suggestions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PD . one of the things I have been standing to apply to the school of education is that my friend ( who works at the school board ) told me that teachers are not being rent because there is not enough money to pay .... TEACHERS ARE IN DEMAND IN NY ? ? ? ?
What does having an associates in psychology help me on the side?2Flossie2012-10-19 05:11:04
What does it mean to have a partner in psychology help me on the side?
What should I major in to become a writer? (please read details)?2cruz2012-10-24 00:27:02
I'm a sophomore in college in 20 years , and really want to become a kind of professional writer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm interested in history , politics, psychology , biology , and lots of other things I could write . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am writing a science fiction novel for fun and several others have told me that I have to finish and try to get it published. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My specialty is genetics . Should I continue with this or change my major to English and minor in genetics instead? If any of the writers who went to college are from here , I would appreciate if you respond to what you did. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .

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