Regarding F1 visa to US?

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Asked at 2012-10-01 00:51:03
I have a problem here . After completing my engineering , I went to the U.S. by Master in Engineering and Management . After that , I worked with Deloitte , USA for 2 years.I have been interested in counseling psychology for a long time and finally took a step to work towards it. I quit my job and returned to India last year. In the past year , I have been doing volunteer work with 2 active NGOs in India , apart from volunteering as an online mentor for other NGOs . After looking through the counseling psychology programs that do not require a bachelor's degree in psychology in India , UK, Canada and the U.S. I applied to five U.S. universities and support from 3 of them . I chose Santa Clara University ( Not the brightest star on the horizon , but I love your program ) and I-20 received from them . I have my visa interview in 2 weeks . I've been preparing for the interview for some time now . I've gone through all possible visa issues . But I'm still worried. My visa will most likely be rejected ? Is there any chance ?
Answer1stevenAnswered at 2012-10-01 01:25:02
Yes , there is a possibility that you will be rejected . The biggest problem for most students is the lack of links with their countries of origin - is necessary to show that he returned to India when studies are complete . If you have a lot of evidence to back you should be fine. Other obstacles are the cost , I assume you are familiar with , and other factors such as criminal history . There is absolutely no guarantee that you will get the visa , but as long as you are prepared there is no need to worry too much.
Answer2AgustinReynoldsAnswered at 2018-06-04 05:04:30
There are many chances of rejecting your visa. As per the essaymama review , you must submit a valid reason to get the visa. You can also know the rules of getting it.
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