What is the current research in brainstorming thought organization?

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Lucy King
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I am looking for references to current research in cognitive psychology on what are effective methods that people use to organize ideas developed through brainstorming to arrive at conclusions and solutions to problems. I'm interested in a "meta " view as to how people cognitively represent information that begins disorganized (ie , in the form of random thoughts ) and use these representations to organize thoughts, determine what is important , and draw conclusions .
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You know , I have about 60 books on creativity , and the "funnel down" phase after brainstorming is not handled very well . In any case , it is not "research" that is important , but the methods to spend hundreds of ideas for a single action . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have taught thousands of managers and hundreds of creative problem groups led by sovling . In the organizational phase of thought , the idea is to engage participants to exchange ideas and to make it a laborious exercise . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ensure that the statement of the problem / opportunity is reaffirmed . One method is to put all ideas on the wall , and have everyone put a check for the 5 most useful ideas in his judgment. Those who received the highest number of marks can be surrounded . Then ask the small groups to pool the best ideas in solving groups . Then take the meat groups and groups have performed an action strategy for each group . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This goes faster if you post notes were used in the exchange of ideas, and if you separate MedlinePlus tasks between subgroups . MedlinePlus The large group can discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of the strategies . The results of their work can be recorded and presented to management.
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