I need recommendations on good Psychology colleges for undergrads?

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I'm pretty sure I want to be a psychologist . And I'd like to get into a good (but not talking about the Ivy League here) college with a great psychology program . I will find the university that comes to my needs to become a good psychologist . Any suggestions out there Pyschologists ?
MedlinePlus Of course I'm only a junior in high school so sure , I might change my mind about my future work , but I like to keep my options open . Above all - I want to find a good school Psych and do all the requirements to enter now .
Answer1BrayAnswered at 2012-10-12 03:47:03
This is an excellent plan . I applaud your willingness to look this early MedlinePlus . Start making calls psychiatrists or drive by his office and leave with the secretary a letter explaining this and ask this same question . Maybe 10% will respond with their school and Stanford , Harvard , prinston , Yale , Brown ... MedlinePlus One thing I can say is this secret but now no longer a secret because it is on the network . MedlinePlus If you are Caucasian, applied to a black college , as a student of minority and land a scholarship as a minority student . Howard , Tuskegee . MedlinePlus If you do it with a black white university . MedlinePlus After obtaining a degree in which you can return to the Ivy League and get an MBA , you are now a " IV League " ... grad. with a PhD in Psychology MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Tricky , tricky and successful.
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Clinical psychology uses the understandings derived from developmental and Best Essay Writers UK abnormal psychology to diagnose and treat mental disorders and adjustment problems. Some clinical psychologists work to develop programmers for the prevention of emotional illness or conduct basic research on how individuals can better cope with the problems of daily life.  

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