I need recommendations on good Psychology colleges for undergrads?

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I'm pretty sure I want to be a psychologist . And I'd like to get into a good (but not talking about the Ivy League here) college with a great psychology program . I will find the university that comes to my needs to become a good psychologist . Any suggestions out there Pyschologists ?
MedlinePlus Of course I'm only a junior in high school so sure , I might change my mind about my future work , but I like to keep my options open . Above all - I want to find a good school Psych and do all the requirements to enter now .
Answer1BrayAnswered at 2012-10-12 03:47:03
This is an excellent plan . I applaud your willingness to look this early MedlinePlus . Start making calls psychiatrists or drive by his office and leave with the secretary a letter explaining this and ask this same question . Maybe 10% will respond with their school and Stanford , Harvard , prinston , Yale , Brown ... MedlinePlus One thing I can say is this secret but now no longer a secret because it is on the network . MedlinePlus If you are Caucasian, applied to a black college , as a student of minority and land a scholarship as a minority student . Howard , Tuskegee . MedlinePlus If you do it with a black white university . MedlinePlus After obtaining a degree in which you can return to the Ivy League and get an MBA , you are now a " IV League " ... grad. with a PhD in Psychology MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Tricky , tricky and successful.
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