What school should I apply too? I dont want to waste money on application fees. Please help. Options r? related questions

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What school should I apply too? I dont want to waste money on application fees. Please help. Options r?1kristeena2012-10-25 13:34:03
University of Alberta University of Manitoba MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I like these two universities very much, but , obviously , the University of Alberta has a higher ranking . The cost is also more expensive than the University of Manitoba . I want a university that will save me money , a friendly environment. At the same time , I have fear that the end of my career , I'd be undervalued based on my choice of college . For example , if I go to the University of Manitoba , I worry that the competition would be so great and the students of the University of Alberta ( or any other high-ranking university ) would be chosen by me based on my University . MedlinePlus Please prove me wrong . MedlinePlus I was talking to my friend and she insisted that I was in Edmonton to go to the University of Alberta because (in his words ) " is better and have a better quality of education . Glory is like coming out of the grass ." If the "quality education " in Canada are the same? I mean , not a school class should be despised ? MedlinePlus This is Canada and I hope that the field work must be impartial in selecting employees and base its school. MedlinePlus I want to study law but I chose a major in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology . I love reading and writing and I have little fear of going to this course . MedlinePlus Socials I love English, and other art courses . I am not a professional in math at all. In fact , I am the lowest math class in my writing now . ( I think ..) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help me clear up this confusion for me ? MedlinePlus Thank you !
Just had a daughter and dont know what to do about money school or work?4Blues2012-10-22 14:58:53
Im 24, live at home, and basically learned three weeks ago my ex girlfriend of four years who broke with the end of last spring was pregnant. She had a boyfriend at the end of last summer, when we were together and it was questionable who the father was. The baby was about 6 days and we are awaiting the results of a paternity test (prenatal tried to do and could not). Her family hates her boyfriend, but the way it ended was horrible and are not fans of me. I will graduate next spring with a degree and I have no qualifications impressive so far. Now I have an Associate of Science and after the spring semester will have a degree in psychology. I was thinking of applying to graduate programs for a doctorate in psychology. I stopped taking classes for my CADC who is a certified drug counselor. I could make 25-30k per year if the latest but it will take a great deal of my time and takes about a year including hours of field experience required. I'm in school full time and working in a crappy job in a cleaner for 8 buck an hour outside of books and basically can only pay for gas and parking and some bills. I was thinking just absorbing and do nothing, but classes in order to get all my degrees and I still want to reach my goals for graduate school while doing it. If I can get the certificate to work as a drug counselor while attending graduate school to make it look better. Should I get sooo more hours in the workplace or test or find a different job with my classmates or stop going to graduate school and work. There are so many options. I do not want to get caught in a crappy job that I hate. But I want to be able to support my daughter if she happens to be mine without having to ask my parents to help her or have not been too favorable. Im not even too concerned about a relationship with his mother or not even know if I ever will, I just want to be able to support our son. If I decide to combine all of these duties my biggest fear is that it will never be able to see it as they obviously do not live together and will most likely only get to be with her half of the week, if even that. Any advice would be helpful. Thank youu
Do you think therapy is just a waste of money?4Blessings2012-11-01 22:34:02
MedlinePlus therapy Psychology MedlinePlus My parents made ​​me go once a month or so for no particular reason since he was a child. My experience is very typical lay down and talk sometimes think just scribbles in his notes . Being older now just think it's a waste of time and money . Yes , yes , so he studied a course in college , etc does not mean it will not bias when I give advice or question me.
Do you think therapy is just a waste of money?2Leda2012-10-23 23:16:03
MedlinePlus therapy Psychology MedlinePlus My parents made ​​me go once a month or so for no particular reason since he was a child. My experience is very typical lay down and talk sometimes think just scribbles in his notes . Being older now just think it's a waste of time and money . Yes , yes , so he studied a course in college , etc , does not mean it will not be biased when I give advice or question me .
Did I waste my time and money?1Sophee2012-10-09 02:48:03
Three years ago , was intended to study social sciences at university and college after that. Unfortunately , it took me more than two years and thought I realized college was not what I wanted and I was not made ​​for him . So now I have changed my field of study and next semester I'll be in correctional intervention program for youth and adults (similar to the likes before criminology = > ) . It will take three years of college before I can get my college diploma . I feel like I wasted my time on something I liked not getting my diploma in social sciences because it was not the last class I needed. So when I go to work in a few years do you think my experience in the social science program will be relevant / useful (about 33 courses , more oriented psychology , but no degree as I did not want to spend the last ) if I want to be a prison officer or something similar to a social worker or what I just wasting my time ? Any input or opinion would be appreciated thanks .
Are minors worth it or a waste of money?2Ashlynne2012-10-23 16:59:03
Now I'm in psychology and my father thinks that minors do not matter and that can only affect my gpa if I want to apply for graduate studies in the future. But part of me thinks it will look good on resumes in the future especially since I 'm planning on taking a long break years after graduation with my degree to start working and work experience . I just need opinions on this. Is it worth breaking a 4.0 GPA and is worth taking another semester of classes or I just be wasting my time ? I have the intention to minor in sociology .
Educational psychologists, waste of money?0kick2012-10-10 07:14:09
Is there a point in educational psychology ? MedlinePlus right of a person who does not know his son "Adam " comes to school or daycare , the child is expected to immediately its obligations to them, and evaluations of response to the extent of their ability , regardless of the concentration , tiredness , lack of knowledge of the psychologist , the results are as accurate results closely seen the child is judged solely on the results of these tests . The child is then treated as such by the department of psychology , and if the results are low , are expected to have low expectations . Schooling future, although apparently under parental control , wholeheartedly judged on these results , and parents are intimidated to make wrong decisions for their children . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Could any other department of psychology have so little accurate assessment results mirror ? MedlinePlus Why is an educational psychologist is not expected to spend more time with the child to make more accurate assessments , and if time is limited by money , then why educational psychologists , first, if they can provide assessments accurate ? ? ?
Is a graduate psychology degree a waste of money?2Blonde Glamour2012-10-05 08:18:03
I read a lot of stuff online that says that either must be a psychiatrist or social worker as demand for psychologists is not high
PH.d programs online..good choice or waste of money?3Adrianna2012-10-19 17:45:58
I'm thinking of getting a Ph.D. in health psychology . Does anyone know about the online programs that are reliable ? Waden was searching but I found a lot of bad reviews online . Online is ideal as it moves in a year and a half . Any suggestions ?
Would completing a PhD (in Psychology) at a community college be a total waste of time and money?0Jolly :)2012-10-27 04:21:51
I live in southwest Florida , and unfortunately do not have a large selection to choose school in my area . However, I have found an employer who is willing to pay 100 % of my tuition ( up to master) , but the title can only be completed at Florida Gulf Coast University . A master's degree or doctorate in this school is considered less reputable in the field after graduation ? Any help would be great! thanks
PSYCHOLOGY HELP!!! i dont understand how this article apply to societal and human needs?73bebe2018-08-03 03:09:16
http://www.apa.org/research/action/memory-changes.aspx my teacher wants to know what this article is addressing social needs and human ... I do not understand how to do it?
Does anyone know good ways of making money from home, real money not survey money.?0Iman2012-11-05 11:58:19
I am a mom, and a wife, I am in my 4th year of college, I do well one semester then the next I'm off of the wagon, mostly because of tending to other things that are just as important. I'm really trying and I'm not giving up on my education but I need to make money now. I am majoring in Psychology but I'm only getting my bachelors and theirs not much you can do with a bachelors in Psychology so I plan on getting my masters and doctrine, but I need something of my own I'm renting and I have no car, I need to make enough money to half way start a mortgage my husband is a well known construction worker but we must face that it takes more than one income to buy a house in these trying times. I have applied to more than 22 jobs in my area and that's all I can really do is something near me because I have no reliable source of transportation. Even my husband takes 1 bus and a train to get to upstate New York to do construction jobs up there with his dads company. But I need a way to bring something to the table, I also have a 1 year old son so my time is limited. Please help me.

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