I am looking for a college with a excellent psychology program. Any suggestions? related questions

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I am looking for a college with a excellent psychology program. Any suggestions?2Vicky2012-10-19 18:42:04
I'm looking for a university with a good psychology program . Any suggestions ?
Colleges with an excellent psychology program?0Anse2012-10-09 19:26:39
Preferably , in the northeast, but not a big problem. And with emphasis on the clinical aspect .
Midwest colleges with an excellent psychology program?0F2012-10-27 07:21:20
I would prefer a college with few non - required courses on psychology and non-sectarian , but is not as big of a deal .
Career/graduate program suggestions for a psychology student interested in anthropology?0mikeM2012-11-02 22:44:03
I completed a degree in psychology , mainly because I'm indecisive and classes were interesting , but I'm not sure what to do next , except I'm pretty sure he does not want to enter a career in clinical psychology . I probably want to go to graduate school at some point , but I'm not sure exactly what they seek, even . Unfortunately , since I have a BA instead of BS I never took chemistry or biological , so I'm not sure if I can even get into anything on the research side without having a science background ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very interested in the research side of psychology and anthropology , which took several courses in the upper division (more evolutionary anthropology and archeology / paleontology rather than cultural anthropology ) and I think I really enjoy of fieldwork / research type of work through an office job or just dealing with people all day. MedlinePlus So , what are the potential careers in psych / anthro / etc that are in a good amount of demand that could enter another clinical psychology or some office work horrible? ( I do not want to be a teacher and what I've read most of the research work requiring subsidies are few and far between so you end up teaching to stay mostly ? ) MedlinePlus Do I have to go back and take more science classes ? ? I can get only the basics at a community college more affordable , or will I need a lot more advanced ?
Suggestions on how to help pay for a nursing program in Cleveland, OH?0smmer2012-10-24 02:16:27
Well , let me first say that I do not want to work . I have a work history , but when my husband joined the Army , I was lucky to not have to work . I just did not know when he left the army had hurt me not working my solid work history that had ( duh right guess ) . So I have my partner with a major in psychology and am licensed to practice massage therapy in the state of Virginia , but not here in Ohio . I know you think you just get your license in Ohio , but also requires that we have no money right now. I wanted to go into nursing, but only for nursing preclasses need is chemistry. My husband is waiting for his disability rating and I have been applying for jobs without precedence . To be qualified to be simplistic things underqualified for somethings in the health field who could help me in my search for nursing . Money is very tight and I really do not want to put us in more debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I was wondering is there any educational assistance out there to help me? Maybe something for spouses of veterans . My husband is in school full time so no GI Bill . So is there any help for me ? I was looking at the nursing assistant programs that are free nursing home , but I think my experience is stopping me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need help please. Maybe some ideas for nurses or students in the nursing program . thanks
College suggestions for psychology?0trice2012-11-05 09:34:03
In recent years , I have met quite interessted in psychology and learn about mental disorders and how they affect people .. MedlinePlus My dad started talking about college recently and I really want to major in psychology and work with all people , including children . Does anyone recommend or know of any good colleges with a strong psychology program ?
Any suggestions of which college looks good to attend for a BA or BS degree in Psychology?0anymous2012-10-23 07:56:01
I'm transferring from my community college with a degree in liberal arts and now would like to pursue a BA or BS in psychology , I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions that schools are best for this. Particularly in the Mid- Atlantic and New England area , open to the south and west but not both .
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Suggestions for college, help me out please!?0Blur2012-10-09 17:13:14
Hello , I'm a girl in a high school in New Jersey . I have an average of 4.5 ( weighted ) . I have not taken the sat yet, but my last practice test was a 2030 and my goal is 2360. I took the SAT II for Biology so far , I have received a 760 on . My additional curiculurs include : x country varsity (1 year ) , winter track ( two years ) , several piano competitions and preformances in various centers , getting a domain over OPI test ( test language proficiency ) for the Russian language , and six performances in a nonprofit organization Russian game . Well here's the problem : I'm looking for colleges right now. Since there are literally millions of schools out there , I thought yahooers mayb some of you could help me . MedlinePlus I'm looking to major in psychology . The acceptance rate should be between 10 to 29 percent. I'd like to give college scholarships based on merit and have a program of study abroad in a French speaking country , Montreal , Canada or France . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea ?
Need suggestions for what I should do in college?0Lashonda2012-10-14 03:12:20
So I'm interested in pursuing a / minoring in these three fields MedlinePlus - Chemistry MedlinePlus (well, the only reason I 'm interested in trying Chem is because in order to attend graduate school of Cosmetic Science , I need a degree in a science . both Chem I took honors (1 year) Bio honors (2 years ) in high school , and I do not know which one to choose ( I'm doing physics honors next year ) . 'm lazy , but very good in math , if that helps ... ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Psychology MedlinePlus ( Always been interested in psychology , and every " great " Quiz Tomo says I should major in it . Hopefully I can go in the field of Research in Psychology / Statistics, but do not know if it exists . Heard also greater Psych did not get anywhere , so I could not major in it , and only less just for fun . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Dance MedlinePlus (I lovee to dance . 've Been dancing since I was young . But I do not know what I would do with a major in dance , so it might lower it) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I really do not know what to do . I am a young high school and summer vacation just started , so I have plenty of time to decide. Please help ?
Suggestions for new college major?3Helo2012-10-04 07:07:02
Im a sophomore chemical engineering major. 20 years of age. At first I went into chemical engineering because I wanted to go to the pharmacy. I've always had a love for chemistry (awarded my school was not very good and did not really teach us what we should have learned). I talked to my Councelor guidance about making chemistry in college and told me that a Chem degree was useless and suggested I go into chemical engineering (I had never heard of until then engineering). explained that to enter the pharmacy or do crazy things like make weapons (which appealed to me). so I chose chem e. however, my school does not have a pharmacy program at all and no one here knows anything about it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now in college, I am fighting with all my science classes and Calc 3. I study every day, read books every day, attend most of the lectures, get tutors, and talk to my teachers / ta 'Siy still manage to bomb proof bad like I did not even consider . I will them to understand the concepts and get help in the task that never make sense at all. Parties understand conceptual classes is pretty good but the calculation that make absolutely no sense at all and so can get a C at best in all my classes. I do not like this, but idk if this the best I can do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now idk whether or not to change majors. Engineering is only going to be this everyday computing or what? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In college, I too am taking econmics, languages, writing, psychology and other electives. Psychology and anthropology hated largely because the readings were boring and so were the classes, the economy was good, just got very difficult at times, and languages ​​were fun, but there is only one class relaxed. I dicovered that I loved math to calc 2, I still like chemistry class, but not chemical, I'm so bad at physics, I tried computer programming (barely made it out of that kind happens), I love reading comics and other books that interest me, I'm interested in biology (but not in this school because the evidence is very, very difficult), and really learn engineering, but its just the calculations are difficult. I always study for understanding the concepts and calculations as I thought it would. what bothers me is that I know many people just come in here without really understaning information, but only the study of formulas and do the minimum. they are the ones who earn grades of A and B and I work very hard and you can only get a C at best. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so basically I need advice. Should I give up engineering or should try something else? and if so, what would you suggest?
Any online college suggestions?0rach2012-10-23 13:56:54
Well, I have 17 years , I just got my GED and I'm looking for an online college that I can get my degree in psychology . I'm having no luck at all , I have not taken the ACT , however , I'm thinking about it in the future , but really I have to find a school now . any suggestions ?

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