How to start a non-profit organization aimed at helping low-income students with learning problems? related questions

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How to start a non-profit organization aimed at helping low-income students with learning problems?3Rosy2017-12-21 05:32:34
How I can do this ? I would like to offer free school supplies , free resources for low-income students who suffer from learning disabilities and mental illness . Do I have to be rich or have a PhD in psychology to do this ? I am a recent college graduate , and I've been wanting to do this forever .
What should I call my non-profit organization?1Are anna2012-10-25 17:52:00
I'm thinking about starting a nonprofit organization sometime this year. I'm getting my degree in psychology at the end of this semester and my dream is to create a foundation for those suffering from stress disorder post- traumatic. I have discovered some of the details but I'm lost in a good name for him . I know you would like the motto is " Only we fall, Together we can cure" , but I'm not sure what the name of the organization . I was thinking something like " survivors States " , but then I thought someone might get confused with the American Cancer Society . What if I were to have " Trauma Survivors States" or " One day at a time" or " PTSD survivors States." something . I am very open to suggestions ! MedlinePlus Also, I want to start the creation of a website with frequently asked questions ( such as data on PTSD ) , a little about me section ( I was diagnosed with PTSD 3 years ago , but have made ​​great progress in healing , so I think it would help people know someone who really knows what they are feeling and going ) , a blog , and above all , a chat room for people to go to (which would momnitoring at certain times of day) and have a sort of online group therapy . If anyone has any ideas on web servers that support these needs or a website where I can get the code ( copy and paste into the design of my website to appear when someone visits the site ) to the chat rooms and paypal ( for collect donations to give foundations related to PTSD ) , and other things . any suggestions that you think would help me very much appreciated! MedlinePlus and please keep any bad or insulting comments to yourself . this is my dream and my passion and I am very committed to this.
The income of industrial/ organization for psychology?0Jiovanni2012-11-05 18:59:15
i am studying psychology in college and i'm planing to get a masters degree in industrial/ organizational psychology. How much annually does someone in this profession usually make?
To become a music therapist can you start learning instruments in college?0Inayah2012-11-02 07:26:26
I always wanted to do something with music, but everyone said it was a waste of time. I'm in college and studying psychology, but recently found out about music therapy. There's a school near by that offers it and it seems pretty reasonable since you only need a four year degree and certification plus they offer an internship. I'm not particularly skilled at an instrument though. I played guitar for a year and piano for about 3. I recently was going to get back into guitar lessons actually just becuase I missed it and would like to get better. My question is do you need to be very skilled at an insturment to become a therapist? I mean clearly I'm expecting I'd have to learn more and work on it, I just want to know if I have a shot at it or if it's something you need to have dieveloped over your lifetime.
Does the real psychology learning start in graduate school?0sharanna2012-10-27 15:45:02
Ok . I am a 2nd year undergraduate taking a double degree course , which is part of BA in psychology and business part . The truth is I'm a bit lost .. Sometimes you just want to drop the business degree and pursue psych teachers all the way . I love psychology , I find interesting . but the thing is that sometimes I just keep these thoughts of how I 'm losing money and time in college learning these things I know I could find in the library or even wikipedia and learn for myself , without having to go to the school. : ( But I know that 's not entirely true ... the problem with me is that I'm too worried about the future - if I'd end up , career , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Eh, other psych majors , ever felt like that? MedlinePlus I mean , what are you learning now ? MedlinePlus Is this normal ? and that the true initial learning psychology in college ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus because sometimes I feel that my university is going too fast ( we are trisemester system , by the way) , and do not forget the lessons , but I understand them .
<i want to start an undergrad course in psychology,preferring a distance learning course?1briann2012-10-13 02:34:04
I have a small child and can not do a full time course , have studied the above manner so you will have to start from scratch , all the ideas of the universities offering this course ?
Does the following info start to zero in on the potential problems a project like Collins submarine ?0Annynomus2012-10-17 02:50:05
computerization might have had? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Does the chicago school of professional psychology provide distance learning masters to international students?1Student5552012-10-09 05:01:03
residing abroad ( ie not within the continental America ) . if not , you know / suggest any other reputable accredited school offered to international students with a 100% distance learning Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology , specializing in Consumer Psychology
Recent graduate from Evangelical College, having job problems, family problems, and relationship problems.?0vollleybal gal 2012-10-02 06:57:03
First of all, just wanted to say that this is more to me for advice, instead of doing a specific question. To begin my story goes back to high school. During this period of my life I was very into partying and drug use. However, he became a Christian law school. This was a great help to me as I was off drugs, and took me to hang out with people healthier and more moral. I decided to attend an evangelical college, make this complete change in my lifestyle. For the first part of my time at this university I had a great time, and got a long with good people. However, I found the school to be very difficult, as I began to struggle with anxiety and depression. I think many of these feelings and emotions may have come from me trying to hide the fact that I was gay. In college I was told this had to change and honestly accepted that being gay was wrong. I never really acknowledged that this position may or could be wrong. I also led to believe that culture was a sinner and not to be the "world." This really had a very negative effect on my relationships with my family and friends do not like many of my family or friends "old" to be Christians. Sometimes I used to judge them and try to stay away from them. Essential I was brainwashed, without thinking anything through me. Now I feel very distanced from my family, but trying to resolve broken relationships, not to mention I still struggle with a lot of anxiety and depression, social anxiety and have my family around. I cut a lot of relationships in my life, for me to think people were absolutely sinful for partying. Now I feel quite miserable, because I'm still trying to find my identity as a person, also trying to get as slowly as homosexual and maybe a little agnostic / un-Christian fundamental. I am also very discouraged about my future. I have a degree in psychology and biblical studies. However, the only job he could get was working in a homeless shelter (which I absolutely hate today). I'm really horrible at making friends, and really wish I could have another experience in college, but this time be open and honest with people about who I am. I feel I do not really grow as a person I was in school. I grew up in the fanaticism and somewhat messy view of reality, but not how to socialize and have a good relationship and learn how to be successful. Currently I have a lot of student debt, and is also overwhelming. I just get overwhelmed with my current circumstances, and keep wanting to go back in time and change everything, but I can not. Sometimes I go to sleep and had no desire to wake up, I know it sounds horrible, but it's really how I feel. I am extremely poor, and my family can not help me out on top of this. Any advice? lol I know it's a lot.
What college major should I be aiming for if I want to start a school for Special Ed students?0Johnise2012-10-22 11:30:41
I'm in the 9th grade , and I want to do fields that could go on my college application summer too. What fields should I go too? MedlinePlus There are things like Business , Psychology , Medical Sciences , and that sort of thing .
Question aimed chiefly at Psychology professors or instructors, though all replies are of course welcome -?2RIYA2012-11-05 14:14:02
What is your opinion about a psychology instructor (no PhD yet) that teaches that homosexuality is more about raising nature, recognizes that it is a personal opinion , but ignores the opposite position of the APA that homosexuality is not a choice ? I'm worried about the inclusion of personal opinion , probably based on the religious beliefs of the essence of the discussion in class , in a basic psychology class 101. The thoughts of someone ?
I'm in the military and i'm searching for a college with a reputable online program aimed at neuroscience?1Frederi2012-10-24 23:13:02
I have an associates , I am also at a loss as to where to start with this important . i really love the study of neural anatomy , physiology and psychology . suggestions , direction.

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