I'm writing a paper on a topic in psychology. I'm only using one source though. How do I cite? related questions

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I'm writing a paper on a topic in psychology. I'm only using one source though. How do I cite?0shantay2012-10-12 11:37:06
Should I continue to use parentheses after each idea borrowed APA style ? That would fill two pages with quotations of himself over and over and over again ! Or quote only once at the beginning ? Also , do you think the following is quite respectable sites linked to its use . not a research paper . Only a document accompanying the demonstration class . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.cultsock.ndirect.co.uk/MUHome ...
Can you use a source within a source when writing a paper?0Libra2012-11-02 04:36:52
Right, so I'm writing a research paper for my social psychology class (and it's a doozy). It's APA format. In an article I'm reading, the article lists lots of sources, one of which is about a specific study. Should I cite the source they listed or the source of the article I'm reading? And how sure are you of your answer?
Website or other online source? AP psychology paper?0Laos2012-10-20 01:13:58
This is a website or another online source ? What is it? How I can quote it and how I put this in my works cited ? is a role for AP Psychology . APA style . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.helpguide.org/mental/self_inj ...
In an APA paper, do you have to cite your sources IN THE PAPER or just your quotes?0horse2012-11-04 04:14:22
It's not a research paper, it's a case study for a psychology class. i dont mean the works cited page...i mean within the paper
I am writing a Psychology research paper on Cults. I need a title to my paper and I cannot think of anything!?0BaBa2012-11-05 07:38:01
The original title I was going to work with was The Underlying Causes of Involvement with Cults, but I really don't think it fits. It is written in APA format so here are some of my subheadings... -What is a Cult? -Young Adults and Cults -Stages of Cult Affiliation -Commitments and Persuasion (foot-in-door-phenomenon, persuasive elements, deindividuation) -History and Examples of Cults -Disaffiliation of Cults I don't know if it is because it is the end of the semester, but I am really cannot put together a title that I like. Thanks in advance!
Paper topic for school psychology class?0emer2012-10-26 10:24:09
I'm taking a class on multicultural issues for my school psychology program . We have to write an article on any topic at all related to multiculturalism , but I can not seem to think of a good and interesting . Does anyone have any idea? All ideas are welcome!
Writing a psychology paper, in APA format?7Davina2018-08-27 23:38:09
So I have to write this article in psychology about to interview someone in their life settings (marriage , death , geographical displacement , etc . ) Since I'm familiar with APA format , I've been doing some research online , but all sources speak of an investigation / case study psych paper in APA format . So I wonder if it's just a part interview , I have to follow all the strict guidelines of a huge introduction , multiple tables , etc.
What is a good topic to research for a Cognitive Psychology paper?0BlueKato2012-10-21 10:11:34
I have to write a short (5-8 pages ) Document review of a journal article / study of any subject that deals with cognitive psychology . I know I can write on paper, but do not know where to start for a topic ! It has to deal specifically targeting cognitive psychology and I 'm just a little slow to even think about a topic ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus :-( Any help would be great ! MedlinePlus Thank you !
HELP!!! Research Paper Topic: AA?0miya2012-11-05 22:17:33
I'm doing a research paper for psychology on a 12-Step program for alcoholics called Alcoholic Anonymous and I don't really know what to write about! I know you have to research about the topic and stuff, I got all the books. But what am I supposed to make a thesis about? Am I supposed to write if i agree with the program or not? What is the purpose of a research paper? Thanks in advanced!
HELP PLEASEEEEE...need help finding a topic for my educational psychology class its a research paper?0Cajunkay2012-11-06 06:21:03
We have to do a 10 page research paper related to education and psychology... What do u think really needs to be discussed that is going wrong in schools and with students...maybe something related to special education... Anything is good...if u can write the topic and what issues r supposed to be discussed related to that topic....please helpp MEEEEE LOVE YOU if u doo
Need help writing a paper?2DIV2017-11-04 03:40:07
I'm taking a psychology class and I'm writing an article about APA style interracial friendships in adolescents and need some help . I know they say to write the summary of his past , but I need some help . How should I start the introduction of paper ? please help MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks in advance
Writing a paper02017-09-24 10:21:09
Writing a paper in APA format very hard thing and only expert writer can do that as this is not very commonly used writing format for most f the assignment works. The only best and cheap writing service is assignmentmasters blog for writing good and unique articles in APA format. 

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