Would this college art program give me options for later in life (career wise)?

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I applied for an art program at a local college to go to after high school graduation . This is a 2 year program , consisting of drawing, painting , sculpture, ceramics , design , art history and English classes . They joined about 40 hours a week. Classes are small (20 students maximum , I think ... ) . It costs approx . $ 2,300 Canadians each term ... so about $ 6000 per year. $ 12,000 for the full two years . My parents said it was a lot of money , and to be honest , I really had no idea . They said that if it is something you really want to do , then money is not a problem . The thing is I'm not sure. Since I was little I've been drawing and painting and playing with arts and crafts . I have taken art courses in high school and even art classes outside of school . Everyone I talk about it I wonder what I will use . I really do not know. I know I would love to take it and like it, but I'm not sure what could go racing . Be the range that cover art is very good ... Would it be silly to enter without career choice in mind? I was also thinking of taking creative writing / journalism courses and perhaps psychology courses at night school to have a backup if the art does not work for me . I am also interested in becoming a journalist , psychologist , or a writer . I know it would probably work better in the long run to be an artist ... But , the art program requires so much time that I do not know if I could handle night school on top of that. I'm confused ! How I can go about researching different careers to find what you really want to do?
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The hours do not really make much sense . Why do not you take a look at the university programs . There they have the opportunity to explore the other things that have an interest , as well as the art program . If that does not interest you check out some programs of the university community . If the school you are viewing is no government support would be very suspicious . It was the opening of business schools in Canada recently . In U.S. are there just to make money . Check out exihibition records of faculty, if there is not you can not expect that you are preparing for that record.
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The hours don't generally bode well . For what reason don't you investigate the college programs . There they have the chance to investigate alternate things that have a premium , Dissertation Writing Service  and in addition the workmanship program . In the event that that does not intrigue you look at a few projects of the college group . In the event that the school you are seeing is no administration support would be extremely suspicious . 

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