Can you answer this personal questions for me please?

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This is one of the tasks I have to do for my psychology class : MedlinePlus - Do you want children / How many kids do you want MedlinePlus ? - What are your plans for your career MedlinePlus ? - What are your plans for my career MedlinePlus ? - Where do you want to live MedlinePlus ? - Where would you like to have a holiday MedlinePlus - Do you share your food dish MedlinePlus ? - How high maintenance is MedlinePlus ? Have you ever been in jail ? MedlinePlus ~ Why? MedlinePlus ~ Do you have any crazy ex I need to know ? MedlinePlus ~ Any child need to know? MedlinePlus ~ Are you sure you want to marry? MedlinePlus ~ I do not mean to be married in the long run? MedlinePlus ~ How do you feel about pets ? MedlinePlus ~ Do you have a phobia that I need to consider ? MedlinePlus ~ What kind of food are your expectations ?
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