Death notification video for educational purposes?

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I know the title makes this question seems wrong and immoral . But I'm looking for a video showing how parents react to the death of a loved one . The reason is because I am a student taking a psychology course and are studying pain and the social / mental depression. And as I've been studying this one at school , while I was struggling with my with my son MedlinePlus He has come to the assumption that I do not care because I spend more time in school than with him. MedlinePlus So I would like to find video , you can use not only for my class , but also so that I can show my son how much any parent cares about their child and how they would react to happen . So I want you to understand the death of a loved one and it would be without him here . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So is there a video showing a reaction to the death of the child's parents ? To avoid disturbing your favor ..

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