Cognitive learning in a childrens book?

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In my psychology class I have to write a children's story (75 words ) based off cognitive learning . the story has to have a problem and the conclusion. I do not know how to start, you have to be really good . any ideas?
Answer1Tyree McCoyAnswered at 2012-10-26 10:32:38
Samantha (love the name Samantha ) was told to make the bed if he wanted his mother to stop at the supermarket for a special tasty treat . Her mother told her that if she has to make her bed , she has no time . Samantha rather fix her hair in a ponytail , but that his friend had told him to pick up his toys if he wanted a toy . He did not get the toy . So I thought it THEBED and later her mother bought the tasty treat . No, I did for you. Cognitive behavioral therapy , I learned to see a pattern.
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