Recent graduate from Evangelical College, having job problems, family problems, and relationship problems.?

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vollleybal gal
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First of all, just wanted to say that this is more to me for advice, instead of doing a specific question. To begin my story goes back to high school. During this period of my life I was very into partying and drug use. However, he became a Christian law school. This was a great help to me as I was off drugs, and took me to hang out with people healthier and more moral. I decided to attend an evangelical college, make this complete change in my lifestyle. For the first part of my time at this university I had a great time, and got a long with good people. However, I found the school to be very difficult, as I began to struggle with anxiety and depression. I think many of these feelings and emotions may have come from me trying to hide the fact that I was gay. In college I was told this had to change and honestly accepted that being gay was wrong. I never really acknowledged that this position may or could be wrong. I also led to believe that culture was a sinner and not to be the "world." This really had a very negative effect on my relationships with my family and friends do not like many of my family or friends "old" to be Christians. Sometimes I used to judge them and try to stay away from them. Essential I was brainwashed, without thinking anything through me. Now I feel very distanced from my family, but trying to resolve broken relationships, not to mention I still struggle with a lot of anxiety and depression, social anxiety and have my family around. I cut a lot of relationships in my life, for me to think people were absolutely sinful for partying. Now I feel quite miserable, because I'm still trying to find my identity as a person, also trying to get as slowly as homosexual and maybe a little agnostic / un-Christian fundamental. I am also very discouraged about my future. I have a degree in psychology and biblical studies. However, the only job he could get was working in a homeless shelter (which I absolutely hate today). I'm really horrible at making friends, and really wish I could have another experience in college, but this time be open and honest with people about who I am. I feel I do not really grow as a person I was in school. I grew up in the fanaticism and somewhat messy view of reality, but not how to socialize and have a good relationship and learn how to be successful. Currently I have a lot of student debt, and is also overwhelming. I just get overwhelmed with my current circumstances, and keep wanting to go back in time and change everything, but I can not. Sometimes I go to sleep and had no desire to wake up, I know it sounds horrible, but it's really how I feel. I am extremely poor, and my family can not help me out on top of this. Any advice? lol I know it's a lot.

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