My college Essay, could someone look over it for me?

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if anyone could spare a few minutes to review my essay to Purdue I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for help spelling / grammar as I have not finished yet, just looking for advice on what to extend or not to speak. It's supposed to be 250-1000 words (im at about 750) to the question. MedlinePlus How do you think Purdue can help you achieve your personal / professional goals? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Throughout my life I have never had much sense, I always thought that the chips just fit. I had never thought much about the real world and I do not quite understand what the importance of education was. Once I got a job, changed my outlook on life. Once hired really had to start managing my time and had to start putting more effort into my life. Two years ago, if you ask how a form of a university education would affect my life, I would ignore the question today, but I realize that would be a gateway to what I want be a very successful life. In today's economy, a college degree is almost a requirnment to get a good job. I feel like if I do well Purdue because of the variety of options in the main Purdue University Purdue and I have always found a warm and welcoming. Purdue also has amazing sports teams I'm a fan of, I played football in high school so it would be nice to see him at a higher level. Purdue also has a lot of clubs that I would investigate further in school and I participate in. MedlinePlus In my life, I want to be happy and successful, to do this, I want to have a good paying job, a good education, and I want to be able to turn. Once I got this new perspective on life, I really started to get better results in school. I started taking more honors classes and enrolled in two AP classes my senior year. Although I have not yet identified my great, I know it will be between the business and the psychology that is why I am taking accredited university courses in both subjects. through courses at Purdue I feel that I will be able to expand my knowledge in any field. If I were to have a graduate degree from Purdue would be a great achievement in my life because obviously that is a very difficult task to complete, but I'm ready for the challenge. If I were able to attend Purdue University to get invloved like clubs and activities that can help improve myself. Purdue classes also seem like a challenge for me, which makes me want to work harder because I love working for challening tasks, for example, in my first term of AP Psychology some of my friends were satisfied with obtaining a C or B, but I went further and put enough effort to achieve an A in the class. After completeing this challenging activity, has made me want to challenge myself more by sentiment to improve myself. MedlinePlus As mentioned above, I'm debating between two majors, but I have a goal for each one I'm very dedicated and feels as if Purdue could help achieve these goals. If I go into the business field, my professional goal is to someday become a CEO of a company and be able to run the company as I have always felt like a leader. For example, in school activities, such as people working in groups rely on me to get to what we do, I always like to take charge in a group and I firmly believe in what you can accomplish. If I decide to go into psychology, I have the intention of obtaining a doctorate, open a private practice and hopefully follow in the footsteps of my uncle and taught psychology at Harvard University. I think I have the opportunity to achieve these goals in my life with hard work and good education focus. My ACT scores show that I am well on tests and focuses on the given material. MedlinePlus As my test results are shown, I am a hard, dedicated worker and I can balance school with work. I have no fears about managing my time in college I know to put learning first. I think that since I have work experience and college experience class credit'm willing to take on the challenges of Purdue and am excited to take them on. My goals in life are great and I hope I can help Purdue achieve these big goals with a great education. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the help.

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